Analyzing The Gaming Industry In Italy: A Review Of The First Half Of 2023

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Check out our in-depth analysis of Italy’s online gambling market for the first half of 2023. This article offers detailed insights into the market shares of top operators, uncovering the competitive scene and trends in three key verticals: sports betting, poker, and casino. Dive into one of Europe’s most vibrant online gaming markets and stay informed about the latest developments.

Understanding Italy’s Betting Market

In the realm of betting, transparency reigns supreme. Italy’s gaming regulator, the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, plays a pivotal role by providing public data on the wagers placed by Italian citizens on regulated gaming platforms. This accessible data offers a clear snapshot of Italy’s betting landscape, facilitating the calculation of each operator’s market share. Unlike some counterparts such as Spain, Italy’s transparent data enables a comprehensive analysis of various gaming verticals.

This transparency is underscored by two key variables: “Raccolta” and “Spesa.” “Raccolta” represents the total amount of money wagered by players within a specific timeframe, while “Spesa” reflects the total amount of money lost by players in their bets, calculated as the difference between the total amount wagered (“raccolta”) and the winnings obtained.

Gaming Industry in Italy a Review Fortuna

Driving Force: Italy’s Sports Betting Scene

In Italy, sports betting emerges as the primary catalyst propelling the sector forward. Notably, three operators dominate this vertical: Lottomatica, Snaitech, and Sisal. These entities have excelled in a competitive landscape, attracting and retaining Italian sports bettors, especially during the first half of 2023, characterized by strong performances from Italian football teams in international tournaments like the Champions League and the Europa League.

The market exhibits a remarkable 23.4% increase compared to the previous year. Amid this growth surge, Lottomatica leads the pack with a commanding 19.8% market share, closely trailed by Snaitech (also known as SNAI) with 12.91% and Sisal with 12.98%. Eurobet also commands a notable presence, capturing a 10.31% market share.

Noteworthy is Bet365, an internationally acclaimed sports betting operator, securing 16.76% of the betting volume. While performing well, it retains 6% of the margin between bet volume and potential winnings.

Despite their global stature, other international operators like Bwin, William Hill, 888, and Betfair have struggled to replicate success in Italy. Bwin falls short of a 2% market share, William Hill barely surpasses 1%, while both 888 and Betfair fall below the 1% mark.

Overall, an estimated fifty active operators operate in Italy’s sports betting domain. Despite the dominance of a few major players, the landscape remains fiercely competitive, with each operator vying for a distinct niche in this burgeoning market.

Steady Poker Domain: PokerStars Leads

In the realm of poker, PokerStars continues to assert its dominance, maintaining a strong foothold as the market leader. Despite its global recognition, 888 lags behind, securing a modest seventh position in the Italian poker market, showcasing the distinct competitiveness of this sector.

Notably, PokerStars retains its unrivaled position in the market during the first half of 2023. With the absence of the French operator Winamax, PokerStars faces minimal challenges in dominating the Italian market share. However, this advantageous position does not afford much room for improvement in the casino and sports betting verticals. 

PokerStars continues to command a substantial portion of poker player traffic in Italy, accounting for approximately 40%. Following closely is the network comprised of Lottomatica-Goldbet and Betflag, securing a 15% market share, while SISAL maintains an average of 11% across tournament and cash game segments.

Operators that enjoy stronger positions in markets like Spain or the UK, such as 888Poker, maintain a modest 3% share. Meanwhile, formidable sports betting operators like Bet365 struggle to surpass a 1% market share in the Italian poker domain.

Growth continues in casino games

The online casino market in Italy continues its upward trajectory, showing no signs of slowing down. Even in June, spending surged by nearly 15%, reaching a substantial 175.7 million euros. Despite the advertising restrictions imposed by the Dignity Decree years ago, Italian players remain highly engaged with this gaming product.

In this vertical, notable leaders from the sports betting sector, namely Lottomatica, Goldbet, and Betflag, command attention, comprising the top three positions. These operators have distinguished themselves in a fiercely competitive segment of the gaming industry. However, other internationally recognized operators lag behind, highlighting the unique dynamics of the Italian casino market.

Leading the market, the combined brands of Lottomatica, Goldbet, and Betflag secure a significant market share of 23%. Sisal follows closely in second place with a share of 8.72%, while Snai takes the third spot with 8.32%. PokerStars holds the fourth position with a reduced market share of 7%, down from 10% previously.

Planetwin365 claims the fifth spot with a 6% share, while 888 surpasses this with a share exceeding 6%. Notably, William Hill, another brand under the 888 group, continues its recovery trajectory, surpassing the 1% mark and securing a place in the top 10, albeit falling short of overtaking traditional competitors like Bwin.


In summary, Italy’s gaming market stands out for its transparency and the dominance of leading operators across three key gaming verticals. Despite the competitive landscape, these operators have upheld their positions in the first half of 2023, leaving the remaining market shares to be distributed among other operators. While the market is competitive, it also presents opportunities for operators who are willing to grasp and adjust to the unique nuances of the Italian market.

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