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Cubee Powered by Slots Launch

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Casino Game Cubee by RTG game

Welcome to the exciting world of Cubee by RTG! This unique and innovative game takes traditional slot gameplay to a whole new level, offering players a fresh and thrilling gaming experience.

Cubee by RTG is not your typical slot game. Instead of spinning reels, players will encounter a cute and quirky character named Cubee who battles his enemies in a time-traveling adventure. With vibrant graphics, immersive sound effects, and engaging gameplay, Cubee by RTG is sure to captivate players of all kinds.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of online slots, Cubee by RTG offers a fun and entertaining experience that will keep you coming back for more.

History of Cubee by RTG and how it was developed

Cubee by RTG is a unique and innovative slot game that offers players a new and exciting way to play. The game was developed by Realtime Gaming, a leading software provider in the online gambling industry. RTG is known for creating high-quality games that are popular among players around the world.

The idea for Cubee originally came from the creative minds at RTG who were looking to make a slot game that was different from the traditional reel-based games. They wanted to create something refreshing and engaging for players to enjoy. After many hours of brainstorming and development, Cubee was born.

One of the main features that set Cubee apart from other slot games is its unique gameplay mechanics. Instead of spinning reels, players control a cute little creature named Cubee who travels through time, fighting off enemies and collecting rewards along the way. This innovative approach to gameplay has made Cubee a hit among players who are looking for something new and exciting in the world of online slots.

RTG put a lot of time and effort into developing Cubee to ensure that it was not only fun to play but also visually appealing. The graphics and animations in the game are top-notch, creating a vibrant and immersive gaming experience for players. The sound effects and music also add to the overall atmosphere of the game, making it enjoyable for players of all ages.

Since its release, Cubee has received praise from both players and critics for its originality and creativity. The game continues to be a popular choice among online casino enthusiasts and has garnered a loyal following of fans who can’t get enough of Cubee’s charming character and exciting gameplay.

Instructions on how to play Cubee by RTG

Playing Cubee by RTG is a unique and exciting experience that is easy to pick up. The game has a simple, yet engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Cubee by RTG:

  • 1. Place your bet: Start by selecting your bet amount using the arrows on the screen. You can adjust the bet size to fit your budget.
  • 2. Spin the reels: Once you have set your bet, all you need to do is hit the spin button and watch as Cubee battles his enemies.
  • 3. Combat against enemies: Cubee will fight off enemies by consuming energy balls or power balls, each of which have a different effect on the outcome of the battle. The aim is to defeat the enemies and move on to the next era.
  • 4. Advance to new eras: As you progress through the levels, you will unlock new eras and encounter different enemies. Each era has its own challenges and rewards, so stay focused and keep battling!
  • 5. Aim for bonuses: Look out for bonuses such as multipliers and free spins, which can help you increase your winnings and progress through the game faster.
  • 6. Monitor your progress: Keep an eye on your progress bar at the top of the screen to see how far you are from reaching the next era. The higher the era, the bigger the rewards!

By following these simple instructions, you will be able to enjoy playing Cubee by RTG and hopefully achieve some big wins along the way. So, get ready to dive into this unique gaming experience and see if you have what it takes to help Cubee defeat his enemies!

Overview of the Different Levels and Characters in Cubee by RTG

In Cubee by RTG, players embark on a unique gaming adventure that takes place across different levels and introduces a variety of charming characters. As you progress through the game, you will encounter various challenges and obstacles that must be overcome using strategy and skill.

At the beginning of the game, players are introduced to the adorable main character, Cubee, a cube-shaped creature with a friendly face. Cubee is accompanied by his arch-nemesis, Rocco, a red monster who must be defeated in order to advance to the next level.

  • Level 1: The first level of Cubee by RTG sets the stage for the adventure, as players get familiar with the gameplay mechanics and controls. Cubee must defeat the low-level minions and gather energy balls to build up his strength.
  • Level 2: In the second level, Cubee faces more challenging enemies and obstacles, requiring clever tactics and quick reflexes to navigate through the game. Players must collect power-ups to unlock special abilities and boost their chances of success.
  • Level 3: As players progress to the third level, the difficulty ramps up as Cubee encounters stronger foes and tougher challenges. It’s crucial to use all available resources wisely and plan ahead to outsmart Rocco and emerge victorious.

Each level in Cubee by RTG offers a unique gameplay experience, with distinct settings and enemies to keep players engaged and entertained. By mastering the skills required at each stage, players can progress through the game and unlock exciting new features and bonuses.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of online slots, Cubee by RTG provides an engaging and immersive experience that combines elements of strategy, luck, and fun. Explore the diverse levels and characters of Cubee, and see if you have what it takes to guide Cubee to victory!

Tips and strategies for winning at Cubee by RTG

While Cubee by RTG is a game of chance, there are some tips and strategies that can help increase your chances of winning. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • 1. Manage your bet size: It’s important to carefully manage your bet size to ensure you can play for an extended period of time. Start with smaller bets to get a feel for the game before increasing your stakes.
  • 2. Utilize the multipliers: Keep an eye out for the Time Travel symbols that can award multipliers. These can significantly boost your winnings, so make sure to take full advantage of them.
  • 3. Upgrade your weapons: As you progress through the levels, make sure to upgrade your weapons to increase your chances of defeating the enemies. This will help you advance further in the game and potentially win bigger rewards.
  • 4. Watch out for the floating enemies: Be on the lookout for floating enemies as they can pose a significant challenge. Focus on defeating them quickly to avoid losing valuable resources.
  • 5. Take your time: Cubee by RTG is a unique game that requires patience and strategy. Take your time to plan your moves and make the most out of each level to increase your chances of winning.

By following these tips and strategies, you can improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning at Cubee by RTG. Remember to stay focused and enjoy the thrilling adventure that Cubee has to offer!

Explanation of the different bonuses and features in Cubee by RTG

As you journey through the unique world of Cubee by RTG, you’ll encounter various bonuses and features that can help you on your quest to defeat enemies and win rewards. Let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting elements:

  • Floating Symbols: One of the standout features of Cubee is the floating symbols that appear on the screen. These symbols can include weapons, power-ups, and multipliers that can boost your chances of winning big.
  • Multiplier Cubes: Keep an eye out for the multiplier cubes that can increase your winnings significantly. Landing these cubes can lead to multiplied rewards, making each spin even more thrilling.
  • Free Spins: By collecting Free Spins symbols, you can trigger a special bonus round where you have the chance to play Cubee without wagering any additional coins. This can be a great way to rack up rewards without risking your own credits.
  • Battle Rounds: Throughout the game, you’ll face off against enemies in epic battle rounds. Defeating these foes will not only progress you to the next level but also unlock greater rewards, including additional features like multipliers and extra free spins.
  • Time Travel: At certain points in the game, Cubee has the ability to time travel to different eras. This feature can introduce new symbols and bonuses into the mix, refreshing the gameplay experience and providing new opportunities for big wins.

Overall, the bonuses and features in Cubee are designed to keep players engaged and entertained throughout their gaming session. By mastering these elements and utilizing them strategically, you can increase your chances of success and walk away with impressive rewards.

Analysis of the RTP and Volatility of Cubee by RTG

One important factor to consider when playing Cubee by RTG is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage and volatility of the game. The RTP of Cubee by RTG sits at around 96%, which means that on average, players can expect to receive back 96% of their total bets over time. This indicates that Cubee by RTG offers players a fairly decent chance of winning.

In terms of volatility, Cubee by RTG is considered to be a game with medium volatility. This means that while players may not win as frequently as with low volatility games, the wins they do achieve are likely to be of a higher value. In essence, Cubee by RTG strikes a balance between providing both regular small wins and occasional big wins, making it an exciting and rewarding game to play.

  • Overall, the RTP and volatility of Cubee by RTG contribute to a gaming experience that is both fair and thrilling.
  • The 96% RTP ensures that players have a good chance of getting a solid return on their investment, while the medium volatility adds excitement by offering the potential for substantial wins.
  • When considering these factors, players can approach Cubee by RTG with confidence, knowing that they have a reasonable chance of success balanced with the excitement of potential big wins.

Comparison of Cubee by RTG to other similar games

When it comes to unique and innovative gameplay, Cubee by RTG stands out from other similar games in the online casino industry. While traditional slot games rely on reels and paylines, Cubee takes a different approach with its floating character who travels through time to battle enemies and collect rewards.

Compared to other slot games, Cubee offers a refreshing change of pace for players looking for something new and exciting. Instead of spinning reels, players can interact with the game in a more hands-on way by choosing which enemies to defeat and which bonuses to activate.

  • Unlike other games that have specific symbols or scatter triggers, Cubee’s gameplay is more dynamic and unpredictable, keeping players on their toes as they progress through different levels.
  • The absence of traditional paylines also sets Cubee apart from other slot games, giving players more freedom to explore the game’s unique features and bonuses without being constrained by predefined patterns.

Overall, Cubee by RTG offers a fresh and innovative take on traditional slot games, making it a standout choice for players looking for a more interactive and engaging gaming experience. Its quirky characters, fun gameplay mechanics, and generous bonuses set it apart from other similar games in the market.

Information on where to play Cubee by RTG online

If you’re looking to play Cubee by RTG online, there are several reputable online casinos that offer this unique and exciting game. One of the most popular options is to visit RTG-powered online casinos, where you can easily find Cubee in their game library. Some well-known RTG casinos include CasinoMax, Intertops Casino, and Slotastic.

Alternatively, you can also try playing Cubee by RTG at other online casinos that feature a variety of games from different developers. Websites like Slots.LV, Bovada, and Ignition Casino often have Cubee in their selection of slots and specialty games. These sites usually offer bonuses and promotions that can enhance your gaming experience and boost your chances of winning.

  • Make sure to look for a reputable and licensed online casino to ensure a safe and fair gaming environment.
  • Check out the available payment options to see if they are convenient for you, and if the casino accepts your preferred currency.
  • Read reviews from other players to get an idea of their experiences with the online casino and playing Cubee by RTG.

Playing Cubee by RTG online offers a convenient way to enjoy this innovative game from the comfort of your own home. Whether you prefer to play on your desktop or mobile device, you can easily access this game at any time and anywhere with an internet connection.

Keep an eye on the online casino’s promotions and tournaments, as they may feature Cubee by RTG and give you the opportunity to win extra prizes and rewards. Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits on your playing time and budget to ensure a positive gaming experience.

Reviews and player feedback on Cubee by RTG

Player reviews and feedback on Cubee by RTG have been overall very positive. Many players enjoy the unique and innovative gameplay that sets this game apart from traditional slot machines. The lack of reels and paylines in Cubee creates a fresh and exciting gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Players have also praised the graphics and design of the game, with its colorful and quirky characters adding to the fun and immersive atmosphere. The engaging storyline and different levels also add an element of progression and excitement, making each gameplay session dynamic and enjoyable.

  • One player mentioned, “I love how different Cubee is from other games. It’s refreshing to play something so original and engaging.”
  • Another player commented, “The bonuses and features in Cubee are fantastic. It keeps me engaged and eager to keep playing for more winnings.”
  • One excited reviewer said, “I can’t stop playing Cubee! It’s so addicting and I love the chance to win big with each spin.”

Overall, players seem to be having a blast with Cubee by RTG, with many returning players enjoying it as a go-to game in their gaming rotation. The combination of innovative gameplay, captivating design, and exciting bonuses has made Cubee a hit among online casino enthusiasts.

Discussion on the future of Cubee by RTG and potential updates

As we look ahead to the future of Cubee by RTG, there are plenty of exciting possibilities in store for players. With its unique gameplay and innovative features, it is clear that Cubee has solidified its place in the online gaming world.

One potential update that players can look forward to is the addition of new levels and characters. By continually expanding on the game’s world, RTG can keep players engaged and eager to see what adventures Cubee will go on next. Imagine facing even tougher enemies and unlocking more bonuses as you progress through the game!

Another exciting possibility for Cubee’s future is the enhancement of its graphics and animations. With advancements in technology, RTG could take Cubee to the next level by creating even more vivid and immersive visuals that draw players further into the game. Who knows, we might see Cubee in 3D or VR in the near future!

Additionally, RTG could potentially introduce new bonuses and features to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Imagine new power-ups, mini-games, or special events that add an extra layer of challenge and thrill to playing Cubee. These updates could provide even more opportunities for big wins and thrilling gameplay experiences.

  • More levels and characters
  • Enhanced graphics and animations
  • New bonuses and features

Overall, the future of Cubee by RTG looks bright with endless possibilities for growth and innovation. Players can expect even more excitement and entertainment as RTG continues to develop and improve upon this already beloved game. So, get ready to dive back into the whirlwind adventure of Cubee and stay tuned for what’s to come!


In conclusion, Cubee by RTG is a unique and exciting game that offers players a different gaming experience from traditional slot games. With its innovative gameplay and charming characters, Cubee by RTG has captured the attention of many players seeking something new and different in the online casino world.

We have covered the history of Cubee by RTG and how it was developed, as well as provided detailed instructions on how to play the game. Our guide has also given an overview of the different levels and characters in Cubee by RTG, along with tips and strategies for winning.

  • We have explained the various bonuses and features that players can enjoy in Cubee by RTG, making it even more engaging to play.
  • We have analyzed the RTP and volatility of Cubee by RTG, allowing players to make informed decisions about their gaming experience.
  • We have compared Cubee by RTG to other similar games, highlighting the unique selling points of this particular game.
  • We have provided information on where players can access Cubee by RTG online, making it easy for players to find the game and start playing.
  • We have included reviews and player feedback on Cubee by RTG, giving insight into how players are enjoying the game and what they like about it.

Looking towards the future, Cubee by RTG has great potential for updates and continual improvement, ensuring that players have new and exciting experiences to look forward to. The game has sparked interest and excitement in the online gaming community, providing a fresh and entertaining gaming option for players of all kinds.

Overall, our guide has aimed to provide comprehensive information on Cubee by RTG, giving players everything they need to know to fully enjoy and appreciate this one-of-a-kind game. We hope that this guide has been helpful in understanding and exploring the world of Cubee by RTG, and we encourage players to dive in and discover the fun and excitement that this game has to offer.