SteveWillSendIt: The Wild World of Steve Deleonardis

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From across the border comes Steve Deleonardis, better known as SteveWillSendIt or SteveWillDoIt. As one of the hottest streamers on Twitch, SteveWillSendIt offers much more than just slots and casino games.

This young American is an all-out entertainer and a key member of Nelk Entertainment, which originated in Ontario. Nelk is essentially a group of wild boys embracing the frat boy lifestyle and performing the craziest stunts imaginable.

You might have come across some of Steve’s viral videos featuring insane challenges, pranks, and extreme antics. His achievements include joining the mile-high club on his birthday, consuming enough pizza to feed a county, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Naturally, he loves to gamble, and his routine often involves diving into slots and trolling live dealers, adding to his larger-than-life persona.

SteveWillSendIt frequently posts new content that keeps his audience entertained and engaged. If you check out his Twitch page, you’ll see a variety of streams where he interacts with viewers, takes on wild challenges, and plays his favorite casino games. Despite his outrageous antics, SteveWillSendIt rarely does anything wrong that would upset his fanbase. When fans respond with questions or comments, he makes sure to sub to their channels and interact with them live. His Twitch streams are filled with moments that highlight his unique persona, making SteveWillSendIt a must-watch for anyone on the platform.

SteveWillSendIt Casino Streamer

SteveWillSendIt Profile

Streamer NameSteveWillSendIt
Real NameSteve Deleonardis
AvatarSteveWillSendIt Twitch Avatar
Year of Birth1998
Favourite CasinoStake
SpecialitiesFrat boy lifestyle, Outrageous pranks
Biggest Winunknown
Biggest Multiplierunknown

SteveWillSendIt: A High-Stakes Gamer and Gambler

Steve approaches life as one big game, and gambling fits his personality perfectly. On Twitch, he’s particularly fond of slots. The Sweet Bonanza slot, known for its potential to deliver a massive win of 2,100x your bet with Candy Bombs, multipliers, and bonus rounds, is a favorite of his. High variance, high volatility slots like Dog House are also frequently featured on SteveWillSendIt’s stream.

Naturally, Steve can’t resist challenging the live croupiers in live casino games, with live blackjack being his favorite. He also enjoys playing crypto games like Plinko and others, adding to the excitement of his streams.

SteveWillSendIt: The Wild Side of Steve Deleonardis

While Steve Deleonardis is also known as SteveWillDoIt, he goes by SteveWillSendIt on Twitch, a nod to the Full Send program from the Nelk Entertainment crew. According to his Twitch schedule, he streams daily on Twitch.

You can find more of Steve’s videos on YouTube, primarily under the SteveWillDoIt name. These videos aren’t strictly focused on casino content but also showcase the outrageous antics he and the Nelk boys get up to. Additionally, he has a second YouTube channel called SteveWillDoIt Two, where he posts his gambling-related content, which complements his Twitch streams.

SteveWillSendIt’s Casino Choices

As an American, SteveWillSendIt has a relatively limited selection of online casinos available to him. He is often seen spending money like toilet paper at Stake Casino, a popular crypto casino. For Canadians and players in other regions with less restrictive regulations, there are far more options. If you’re curious about other casinos where SteveWillSendIt has played in the past and that accept Canadian dollars, consider checking out Twin Casino and Lucky Days. These platforms offer a variety of games and a welcoming environment for players outside the US.

The Unstoppable Steve Deleonardis: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Steve Deleonardis, known as either SteveWillSendIt or SteveWillDoIt, is an absolute riot. At the casinos, Steve’s willingness to risk vast sums of money will leave you in awe—though he often wins it back. Fearless and bold, Steve thrives on challenges, whether at the casino or elsewhere, living up to his name, SteveWillDoIt. He lives life on a grand scale, and watching his daring exploits is nothing short of amazing.

Steve Deleonardis: The Man Behind Multiple Aliases

Steve Deleonardis is a full-blown online personality, though he more frequently goes by the name SteveWillDoIt. He typically reserves the SteveWillSendIt name for Twitch.

  • SteveWillSendIt on Twitch

  • SteveWillDoIt on YouTube

  • SteveWillSendIt on Instagram

  • SteveWillDoIt on TikTok

  • Stevewilldoit on Discord

These platforms showcase the diverse and entertaining content Steve creates under his various aliases.

SteveWillSendIt on Twitch

On Twitch, Steve goes by SteveWillSendIt and has around 745k followers. That’s quite impressive, especially considering he’s more of a YouTuber than a Twitch streamer. Most of his Twitch streams are related to slots and gambling. If you’re interested in his outrageous pranks, you’ll find those on YouTube.

SteveWillDoIt on YouTube

Going by SteveWillDoIt on YouTube, Steve Deleonardis has amassed over 4.6 million subscribers. This is his main platform, where you’ll find the videos he’s most famous for. From pranks and dares to challenges and showcasing his extravagant lifestyle, Steve keeps millions of viewers entertained with his engaging content.

Additionally, Steve has a YouTube channel called Life Of Steve, which features highlights from his casino streams and daily life. Although the channel is relatively new, with videos first posted in mid-June, it has already garnered around 339k followers. Given his regular posting schedule, it’s likely that his follower count will continue to grow in the near future.

SteveWillSendIt on Instagram

SteveWillSendIt has over 804,000 followers on Instagram, where he primarily posts short videos and pictures of himself playing and winning at Stake Casino. However, this is not his main account. Although he has a substantial following there, his primary Instagram account is under the name Stevewilldoit. This public account showcases his antics with Nelk, such as stuffing his face with cake and surprising people with a Tesla giveaway. It also features some great IGTV videos, and Steve has amassed an impressive 3.5 million followers on this account alone.

SteveWillDoIt on TikTok

On TikTok, Steve DeLeonardis goes by Stevewilldoit. He has over 1 million followers and 19.6 million likes on the platform. Most of his TikTok videos feature him giving large sums of cash to random strangers and surprising friends with gifts. While there’s not much gambling content here, it’s heartwarming to see a casino streamer spending his money generously.

Stevewilldoit on Discord

Check out the Stevewilldoit Discord, a vibrant community with 35,600 members if you’re looking to have fun chatting with other Steve fans. It’s always active, with more than 3,000 people online at any given time. You can ask other gamblers questions and exchange tips in the two Gambling Rooms. There are also several voice channels for those who prefer vocal interactions, plus channels dedicated to Steve’s content, including his Twitch, YouTube, and Fullsend.

A Cautionary Note on SteveWillSendIt’s Gambling Advice

In his casino stream on May 22, 2021, SteveWillSendIt said, “If you’re gambling, you can only lose when you quit! … There is no such thing as losers in gambling. There are winners and there are quitters. Don’t be a quitter!”

Although Casino.Guide focuses on testing and evaluating casino offers and trends rather than representing the opinions of others, our editorial team explicitly disagrees with this statement from SteveWillSendIt. His suggestion that playing long enough ensures you can’t lose is not just incorrect but also extremely dangerous.

There are no guarantees with casino games. You can lose all your money and fall into serious debt if you don’t know when to stop. As entertaining as SteveWillSendIt may be, it’s crucial to take some of his statements with a grain of salt, especially considering he was clearly under the influence during that particular stream.

We reiterate: never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. Know when to stop before you lose everything. Quitting while you’re ahead or even cutting your losses does not make you a loser—it makes you responsible.

The Unstoppable Steve Deleonardis: More Than Just a Streamer

Whichever name he goes by, Steve Deleonardis is one heck of a personality. While he primarily streams his slot and casino play on Twitch, there’s a lot more to Steve L.

SteveWillSendIt Twitch AvatarHe’s the man who takes on any challenge thrown his way and lives life to the fullest, embodying his Steve Will Do It persona. He does all of this in front of the camera, capturing every wild moment. If you’re looking for insane and entertaining content, then SteveWillDoIt is the YouTuber you need to check out.

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