Streamer N3on

In the fast-paced realms of online gaming and social media, fame can appear to skyrocket overnight, at least to those observing from afar.

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However, while skill certainly contributes to garnering a devoted audience, it’s impossible to overlook the impact of luck. Often, success hinges not just on talent, but also on connections and the serendipity of timing.

N3on’s rise to fame in the streaming world can largely be attributed to a collaborative session with the well-known streamer Adin Ross.

Initially, N3on was primarily known for playing popular sports and battle royale games like NBA 2K and Fortnite. However, his breakthrough came in May 2023 during a livestream with Adin Ross, where a rant against Ali C Lopez caught the audience’s attention and went viral. This moment significantly boosted his visibility and established him as a prominent figure in the streaming community.

Streamer N3on

Since then, N3on has become one of the top streamers on Although he continues to enjoy video games, many fans believe his most compelling content now features his regular collaborations with Adin Ross and other notable figures in the industry. N3on is known for sparking controversial discussions and engaging in provocative pranks, which, despite attracting criticism, have helped maintain a captivated audience.

Streamer Profile: N3on
Attribute Details
Streamer Name N3on
Real Name Possibly Rangesh Mutama or Mikhail Rafik
Avatar n3on Avatar
Origin USA
Place of Residence Sugar Land, Texas
Date of Birth August 13, 2004
Followers Kick: 253,112
Twitch: 181,000
Twitter/X: 118,200
YouTube: 747,000
Instagram: 428,000
TikTok: 233,200
Favorite Casino Stake Casino
Characteristics Known for bullying, including fat-shaming, described as “humor.” Uses clickbait tactics, notably faking his own death.
Highest Win NA
Highest Multiplier NA
Net Worth ~ $1-5 million (USD)

A Bit of Background on N3on: Rangesh Mutama or Mikhail Rafik?

The real identity of N3on, like many prominent streamers, remains somewhat elusive. Despite living in the limelight, details about his life are surprisingly sparse. N3on, who thrives under the constant gaze of his audience, still manages to maintain a veil of mystery around his personal life.

Without an official biography, we rely on bits and pieces of information to sketch a portrait of the man behind the burgeoning N3on brand. It is believed that N3on was born and raised in the United States, completing or leaving high school in 2021. He reportedly has Indian and Pakistani heritage and comes from a family with several siblings, including two brothers who have appeared in his streams. One of these brothers shared a living space with him, and the other was involved in a notorious prank that falsely announced N3on’s death.

N3on’s Rise to Prominence

N3on’s journey into the spotlight began in 2016 with the launch of his YouTube channel, but his streaming career took off in 2019 when he started broadcasting NBA 2K gaming sessions on Twitch. Initially, he dedicated about 80% of his streaming time to playing this basketball game, which he uniquely commented on, quickly making a name for himself.

What’s in a Name?

N3on’s identity is further complicated by his multiple aliases. He is sometimes referred to as Mikhail Rafik or Mikhail Rafiq, though some believe his real name is Rangesh Mutama. The true identity of N3on is a topic of speculation and intrigue among his followers.

Why N3on Stands Out

Today, N3on is a hot topic in the streaming world, not only for his engaging NBA 2K sessions but also for his In Real Life (IRL) content, which offers an intense, colorful glimpse into his vibrant life. His popularity stems from his straightforward style and his knack for sparking controversial discussions. These elements are crucial for distinguishing himself in a field crowded with aspiring streaming celebrities.

Streamer N3on

N3on has over 830,000 subscribers on YouTubeCredit: Twitter/ N3onOnYT

N3on’s Controversial Persona

N3on’s personality is undeniably edgy, often characterized by his use of crude language and a penchant for stirring up scandal. His unpredictable nature keeps his audience guessing whether he is being sincere, ironic, or outright deceptive. This ambiguity contributes to his somewhat mysterious allure.

Audience Appeal and Divisive Style

His approach to honesty might not be everyone’s preference, but N3on’s bold style resonates particularly well with a younger, predominantly male demographic that appreciates a more audacious persona alongside impressive gaming skills. Ultimately, whether or not one enjoys N3on’s content is a matter of personal taste.

N3on’s Passionate Endeavors

Regardless of opinions about his style, it’s undeniable that N3on is deeply passionate about his interests, which include video basketball games like NBA 2K, Fortnite battles, and engaging in spirited trash talk. Recently, he has also ventured into the online casino streaming world. In this new arena, his unique sense of humor and brash style continue to make a significant impact.

Exploring N3on’s Entry into Online Casino Gaming

As N3on ventures into the world of online casino streaming, fans are eagerly awaiting more content to understand his gaming preferences and style better. Since he’s relatively new to casino gaming, it’s premature to pinpoint his favorite games or gambling habits. Future streams will likely provide deeper insights into his betting range and success rate.

N3on’s Early Gambling Experiences

What is known is N3on’s early exposure to sports betting. A notable anecdote involves a video featuring Bradley Martyn, where N3on discusses losing approximately $200,000 on sports bets at the young age of 16 or 17. This revelation is intriguing not only because he was underage but also because he wasn’t particularly successful on YouTube or other platforms at that time, raising questions about his financial resources. In the same video, he claimed to have made most of his money through betting, although even Bradley Martyn appeared skeptical of this claim. This story highlights N3on’s long-standing fascination with gambling.

N3on’s Current Casino Game Preferences

In recent streams, N3on has played a variety of slots and classic casino games, indicating a budding interest in these areas. Games he has streamed include:

Stake, the platform he uses, offers a wide array of online slots, which seems to be N3on’s primary focus currently. It will be interesting to see if he diversifies his game selections in the future, possibly focusing on less commonly streamed games like blackjack or even keno, much like his peer Adin Ross.

N3on’s Streaming Platform Transition

Initially, N3on (also known as Rangesh or Mikhail) began his streaming career on Twitch. However, due to changes on the platform that no longer benefited him in his new role as a Stake streamer, he has since moved his primary streaming activities to Kick. As of early 2023, Twitch has been sidelined, with his account there becoming dormant and devoid of any content. is now his chosen platform, where he regularly engages in long-duration streams, particularly in casino streaming.

Streaming Schedule and Style

While specific details about N3on’s streaming schedule are not readily available, his broadcasts frequently show him engaging in casino games. It appears that he streams spontaneously, fitting with his persona of being unpredictable and flexible. He thrives on being the center of attention, often through in real life (IRL) streams, and while he might have a more structured schedule, he chooses not to make this public as part of his enigmatic online character.

N3on’s Presence on Social Media

N3on has established himself as a bona fide influencer across various social media platforms. His journey began with the launch of his YouTube channel in 2016 at about 12 years old, followed by the addition of a Twitch account in 2019. Currently, he is active on a broad spectrum of social media channels, including Kick, TikTok, and X-Twitter, among others. Each platform showcases different aspects of his persona and content, allowing fans to follow him where they prefer and expect distinct highlights that suit his varied online presence.

N3on is currently experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity, which is evident in the booming numbers across all his social media platforms. His followers and subscribers are increasing at a remarkable pace. In fact, even during the period between the initial writing and subsequent editing of this review, there has been a noticeable jump in his audience size on all accounts. This growth highlights N3on’s rising influence and appeal in the streaming and social media landscape, attracting a broad and rapidly expanding fan base.

Social Media

N3on’s Impact on

As the popularity of the Kick platform surges, it has become the go-to site for more serious gambling streamers, replacing Twitch. N3on has capitalized on this trend by transitioning to casino streaming and establishing a presence on Kick. He boasts over 253,000 followers on this platform and is experiencing rapid growth in viewership. Impressively, N3on averages over 72,000 viewers per session and has accumulated over 5 million hours watched, making him one of the top streamers on Kick.

Content and Engagement on Kick

N3on’s content primarily consists of In Real Life (IRL) streams, which showcase his lifestyle and activities during his free time. These segments are highly entertaining and give fans a glimpse into his personal life. Occasionally, N3on also engages in casino gaming on his computer or mobile phone through Stake casino, much to the delight of fans who are particularly interested in his gambling adventures.

Future Directions and Collaborations

The extent to which N3on will focus on casino gambling in the upcoming year remains uncertain. While his partnership with Stake casino appears to be ongoing, there are also rumors that he might join a streamer house with Adin Ross and others. If this happens, Kick would likely be the chosen platform for these exciting endeavors.

Streaming Categories and Hidden Content

A useful tip for fans: N3on predominantly uses the ‘Just Chatting’ section of his Kick account for most of his streams. Unlike other streamers who categorize their streams into specific sections like ‘Slots & Casino,’ N3on leaves all his sessions, including his gambling activities, under ‘Just Chatting.’ This approach means there are more gambling sessions available than one might initially realize, providing more content for those keen to see him in action.


N3on’s ban from the Kick platform in March 2024 left many fans puzzled when they discovered they could no longer access his profile. The ban, which turned out to be temporary, lasted just two days before his account was reinstated.

The Incident Leading to the Ban

The ban was reportedly triggered by an incident during one of N3on’s live streams, where he allegedly threatened a minor. This serious accusation aligns with Kick’s stringent policies against harmful and abusive behavior, which are in place to protect users and maintain a safe streaming environment.

Lack of Official Explanation from Kick

While Kick itself did not publicly specify the details of the incident that led to N3on’s ban, the action taken by the platform suggests that the offense was significant enough to warrant immediate action. The platform’s decision to reinstate him so quickly might indicate that the situation was addressed to their satisfaction or that further investigation mitigated the initial concerns.

N3on’s Response

N3on did not explicitly confirm the details of the incident that led to his ban. However, he addressed the situation through an apology video posted on his YouTube channel. In the video, he expressed understanding of the reasons behind his ban and offered an apology, stating, “I understand why I got banned, and I understand the reasoning for it… but I want to say I’m sorry.” This response suggests a level of acknowledgment of the seriousness of the situation and an attempt to make amends with his audience and the platform.

Broader Implications

This incident highlights the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a public figure in the digital age, where actions on streaming platforms can have immediate and significant consequences. For streamers like N3on, maintaining a balance between provocative content and adherence to community standards is crucial to sustain their platform and audience. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to all influencers about the importance of ethical behavior online, especially when interacting with minors.

N3on’s Transition Away from Twitch

N3on once captivated over 180,000 fans with his engaging live sessions on Twitch, particularly with his vibrant commentary on NBA 2K gameplay and some Fortnite action. However, those days are now behind him. His last active stream on Twitch was in February 2023, and since then, he has not shown any activity on the platform. This marks a significant shift as N3on has moved his streaming activities entirely to, which has become a preferred platform for casino streamers.

Complete Departure from Twitch

It’s quite rare to see a successful gaming streamer completely abandon Twitch, but N3on has done just that. As of early 2024, there is no longer any content or a current streaming schedule on his Twitch account. This screenshot from the beginning of 2024 confirms that he has left the platform entirely, with no activity recorded for over ten months and no content remaining. This move to signifies a strategic pivot to better align with his current focus on casino streaming and to take advantage of the platform’s growing popularity among gambling enthusiasts.

N3ON’s YouTube Presence

N3ON has established a significant presence on YouTube since creating his account in May 2016. Starting as a pre-teen with ambitions, he has grown his channel to boast over 747,000 subscribers, a testament to his rising popularity. YouTube serves as a versatile platform for N3ON, showcasing everything from his in-real-life (IRL) streams to highlights from NBA games and his most memorable Fortnite victories. He has achieved a unique milestone with Fortnite, having a skin created in his likeness, which he takes particular pride in.

Milestones and Content Strategy

To date, N3ON has uploaded approximately 940 videos, which have collectively garnered over 141 million views. His success story was detailed in a video released on December 27, 2023, where he discussed his controversial yet successful journey in the streaming world. This video is a part of his strategy to engage with his audience by sharing personal insights and the behind-the-scenes aspects of his streaming career.

Expanding His YouTube Influence

Besides his main channel, N3ON also operates a secondary channel named N3on Live, which has attracted 159,000 subscribers. This channel primarily features a plethora of his popular IRL streams, where he shares humorous and unusual moments with his audience. In a notable clip from October 2023, N3ON introduced his girlfriend Sam to his parents over a phone call, showcasing more personal aspects of his life. The video also touched on the dynamics of his relationship, particularly regarding Sam’s contemplation about closing her OnlyFans account, a topic that resonates with the seriousness of their relationship, although the account remains active.

Highlighted YouTube Moments

In one of the standout videos on his channel, a lie detector test reveals that Rangesh’s girlfriend cheated on him, adding a layer of personal drama and intrigue that captivates his audience. This type of content, blending personal life revelations with gaming and entertainment, helps to maintain high viewer engagement and continually attracts new subscribers to his channels.

N3on’s Presence on X (Formerly Twitter)

N3on maintains an active presence on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, where he keeps his followers engaged with insights into his personal life. Despite the platform not being the primary avenue for influencers on the rise, it remains crucial for maintaining visibility and connectivity with fans.

Personal Updates and Engagements

In October 2023, N3on shared a personal update, revealing his need for a break due to the long duration since he last saw his family. This candid disclosure resonated with his followers, showcasing a more vulnerable side of the streamer. Since this break, he has returned with renewed vigor and has been openly sharing his romantic life, indicating a deepening relationship.

Romantic Gestures and Public Appearances

A highlight from his recent posts includes a tweet from December 26, 2023, where N3on is depicted bringing flowers and luxurious gifts to his girlfriend, Samantha Frank. Samantha, a popular TikToker and influencer, also appears prominently in his Twitter photo stream. The couple’s relationship, including Sam’s success and her ventures like an OnlyFans account, are frequent subjects of N3on’s posts, adding a layer of personal intrigue to his social media persona.

Broader Engagement with Followers

Beyond romantic updates, N3on uses his @N3onOnYT account to gradually reveal more about himself, contributing to a more humanized and approachable image. His openness about personal experiences and the ups and downs of his life make him a compelling figure on the platform. These personal glimpses, combined with his ongoing commentary and interactions, foster a stronger connection with his audience, making him an engaging personality to follow on X.
N3on’s Understated Instagram Presence

Despite being a media-savvy influencer, N3on’s Instagram account, n3onsingh, is notably quiet compared to his other social media activities. Although the account boasts 429,000 followers, it features surprisingly few posts, raising questions about his engagement strategy on this platform.

Limited but Strategic Posts

The limited activity on n3onsingh, which holds the blue verification check, suggests that Instagram may not be his primary focus. However, he recently utilized this account to promote a live stream event on Kick, dubbed the “Slumber Party,” which featured an enticing setup with hot, scantily-clad girls and typical party shenanigans, indicating that his posts, while infrequent, are still significant.

Potential Multiple Accounts

Adding to the intrigue, there are several other Instagram accounts that might also belong to him, such as mrn3on, which has 54 posts and 25,700 followers. This account could potentially be another official outlet for his content, though it’s less clear.

Instagram’s Role in N3on’s Social Media Portfolio

For fans and followers, keeping tabs on N3on’s Instagram can still be worthwhile, even if it’s not the main source of his content. Instagram may not be where you’ll find extensive insights into his gambling strategies or personal anecdotes, but it serves as a complementary channel that rounds out his online persona and occasionally serves as a platform for promoting significant events or streams. Thus, while Instagram might not showcase the bulk of N3on’s activities, it remains a part of his broader social media strategy.
N3on’s Dynamic Presence on TikTok

N3on’s Growing Influence on TikTok

N3on, under the handle @n3onnn, has successfully captured a significant following on TikTok, with over 230,000 followers and more than 2 million likes. His content, which often features collaborations with fellow streamer and friend Adin Ross, showcases his unique sense of humor and personality, cementing his status as one of the most-watched gamers in the U.S.

Streamer N3on

Dynamic Interactions and Controversies

The interactions between N3on and Adin Ross on TikTok highlight both their friendship and the moments of discord that arise, such as when Adin confronted N3on about faking his own death. N3on’s response, a characteristic evasion that sparked mixed reactions among followers, exemplifies his controversial approach to content creation, which keeps viewers engaged and often sparks debate.

N3on’s Entertainment Flair

Beyond gaming and controversial antics, N3on also ventures into dance videos on TikTok, attempting to twerk among other moves. While he may not be as skilled a dancer as he is a gamer, these videos are popular for their entertainment value, often drawing laughter and further engaging his audience. These lighthearted posts underline his ability to entertain and connect with fans across different content types.

Impact and Viewer Engagement

N3on’s TikTok channel is not just a platform for gaming content but a stage for showcasing his multifaceted personality through various forms of entertainment. Whether through playful banter, controversial topics, or dance videos, N3on ensures that his content is engaging and memorable, demonstrating his knack for entertainment beyond traditional gaming streams. His approach not only maintains his existing fan base but also attracts new followers, eager to see what he will do next.

Collaborations with Adin Ross

Streamer N3on

His TikTok content frequently includes collaborations with Adin Ross, a well-known figure in the gaming community and a close friend of N3on. Their videos together highlight the chemistry and mutual enjoyment in their collaborations, enhancing N3on’s appeal and visibility. However, their interactions aren’t without controversy, as seen in a playful yet pointed exchange where Adin questions N3on about a stunt where he faked his own death, to which N3on responded evasively, sparking lively reactions from their audience.

Engaging Content Beyond Gaming

Aside from gaming-related content, N3on also ventures into more lighthearted territory with TikTok dance videos, where he humorously attempts to twerk. While these videos often result in laughter rather than admiration for his dance skills, they underscore his willingness to entertain and engage with his audience in diverse ways.

Impact and Reception

The blend of humor, gaming prowess, and the occasional dance spectacle makes N3on a multifaceted personality on TikTok, appealing to a broad audience that values entertainment in various forms. His ability to draw laughter and engage viewers, whether through gameplay or dance, highlights his versatility as an entertainer on this vibrant social platform.

N3on’s Betting Strategies and Gaming Tactics

N3on, known for his dynamic presence in the casino streaming scene, has not disclosed any specialized betting strategies, particularly as his focus primarily lies on slots and Stake original crypto games, which are predominantly luck-based rather than skill-based. Observers have noted that despite his bold personality, N3on tends to be somewhat conservative in his betting, which may change as his relationship with Stake casino evolves.

Controversies and Public Persona

N3on has often been at the center of controversies, including making misleading statements and engaging in actions designed to provoke and capture attention. One notable incident involved a live stream where he insulted a guest, which, despite drawing criticism, also increased his reach as the stream went viral. His use of clickbait and controversial tactics has been a consistent part of his strategy to remain relevant and discussed in the media.

The Mystery Behind the Name “N3on”

N3on’s real identity remains a subject of intrigue and speculation. He has been associated with multiple names, including Rangesh Mutama and Mikhail Rafik or Rafiq, though it is unclear which, if any, is his true name. This ambiguity extends to his personal and public interactions, where even his father has questioned the authenticity of the names N3on uses.

N3on’s Financial Status and Ventures

N3on’s financial achievements are impressive, with his activities across various platforms like YouTube, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram contributing significantly to his income. Although exact figures are uncertain, estimates of his net worth range from $1 million to $5 million. His potential partnership with Stake casino could further enhance his financial standing.

Personal Life and Relationships

N3on’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Samantha Frank, is both public and tumultuous. They have experienced ups and downs, publicly shared through social media and live streams. Despite the public nature of their relationship, including a failed lie detector test by Samantha, they continue to be a central aspect of N3on’s public persona.

Residence and Background

N3on has mentioned living in Sugar Land, near Houston, Texas, though his exact place of residence varies in public mentions, reflecting the fluid and often unpredictable nature of his public disclosures. This pattern of varied information extends to details about his family and personal life, making it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is part of his online persona.

Overall, N3on remains a complex figure in the digital and gaming landscape, continuously captivating audiences with his performances, controversies, and the mystery surrounding his identity and personal life.

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