LosPollosTV: The Entertaining World of Louis Sammartino

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LosPollosTV translates to “The Chickens TV” in English, but despite the Spanish name, LosPollos is actually an Italian American streamer and YouTuber named Louis Sammartino.

Louis is best known for his NBA2K and Fortnite streams, although his gaming skills aren’t particularly impressive. In fact, he’s famous for being a terrible player, which is a big part of his entertainment style and why audiences love his streams. LosPollosTV often finds himself offline lospollostv and then back again, ready to entertain his viewers.

LosPollos, or simply “Los,” is featured here because he has ventured into casino streaming and has even struck a deal with Stake. We’ll be talking about his gambling streams, the games he plays, and the bets he makes. You can find his videos on various channels, and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated.

Streaming is not just about gaming skills; it’s also about personality. Louis Sammartino is an all-around fun guy with a great sense of humor, often engaging with his chat and followers. However, he hasn’t been without controversies. He has been accused of scamming his fans, which we will also explore here.

Whether he is on Twitch for a few seconds or longer, LosPollosTV manages to capture the attention of his audience. His channel is a hub of activity where viewers can follow his latest streams, engage in chat, and watch previous videos. Despite sometimes being offline, Los always comes back with more entertaining content.


LosPollosTV Profile

Streamer NameLosPollosTV
Real NameLouis Sammartino
AvatarLosPollosTV Kick Avatar
ResidenceNew Jersey, US
Place of BirthNew Jersey, US
Birthday8 February 1995
Followers (Twitch)685,000
Followers (Kick.com)76,000
Followers (YouTube)229,000
Followers (Twitter)375,300
Followers (Instagram)110,000
Followers (TikTok)48,000
Favourite CasinoStake
SpecialtiesCrappy Fortnite player; NBA2K player; Short and can laugh at himself
Net Worth$1.5 million USD

AttributeDetailsStreamer NameLosPollosTVReal NameLouis SammartinoAvatarLosPollosTV Kick AvatarResidenceNew Jersey, USPlace of BirthNew Jersey, USBirthday8 February 1995Followers (Twitch)685,000Followers (Kick.com)76,000Followers (YouTube)229,000Followers (Twitter)375,300Followers (Instagram)110,000Followers (TikTok)48,000Favourite CasinoStakeSpecialtiesCrappy Fortnite player; NBA2K player; Short and can laugh at himselfNet Worth$1.5 million USD

LosPollosTV: The Real Life of Louis Sammartino

Born on February 8, 1995, in New Jersey, Louis Sammartino, better known as LosPollosTV, is the son of Italian Americans. It’s a good guess that he’s named after his father, Louis, who was a stand-up comic in the New York metropolitan area. Louis has two brothers, Nick and Jake, who are both streamers. Before embarking on his internet fame, Louis worked as a dishwasher at a hospital.

Basketball is a significant part of Louis’s life. Despite his smaller stature, which often made him the target of jokes, his passion for the game translated into his love for NBA2K, helping him gather a following when he started streaming in 2014, encouraged by his brother Jake. His big break came in 2015 when he won the NBA2K KOK Championship. In 2017, he briefly joined the 2Hype group, where his notoriously poor Fortnite skills made him a must-watch. Like many internet personalities, LosPollos moved to Hollywood but returned to New Jersey in 2020 to be closer to his family.

Since then, LosPollos has shifted from gaming to more of a “Just Chatting” vibe on his streams, often pulling marathon sessions. He’s also incorporated gambling sessions at Stake into his streams, adding another layer to his entertaining content.

LosPollosTV’s Journey with Stake Casino

LosPollosTV has been playing at Stake Casino since 2021, although it didn’t become official until 2022. Even then, it wasn’t a central focus in his streams until 2023. No surprise here, as Stake has been attracting many popular streamers for gambling sessions. With a huge selection of games, sports betting options, and near no-limit gambling, there’s plenty to like.

BonusRatingFounded inOnline sinceLicenceSoftware Providers
$500Excellent20172017Curacao GamingPragmatic Play, Nolimit City, PlayNGo, NetEnt, Gameart, Evolution Gaming, Red Tiger, Thunderkick, Push Gaming, Quickspin, Playson, Elk Studios, Playtech, Hacksaw Gaming, Booming Games, iSoftBet, Relax Gaming, Wazdan, Blueprint Gaming, BigTimeGaming, Gamomat

This table provides a quick overview of Stake Casino, highlighting its bonus, rating, founding year, and some of the top software providers available on the platform.

LosPollosTV Streaming on Kick

If you go to Twitch, you might wonder if LosPollosTV is still active. As of November 2023, he hadn’t streamed there for two months. Has Los quit? Not quite. While Los does have a reputation for showing up late, he hasn’t stopped streaming—he’s just moved over to Kick.com, like many other casino streamers.

So, when does LosPollosTV stream? Those familiar with the streaming scene know that Los isn’t known for his regular schedule. However, lately, he’s been streaming several times a week. He maintains his late-night East Coast hours, and with his sessions typically running 5 to 6 hours, his streams often stretch into the early morning.

LosPollosTV: Casino Gaming Adventures

Los may not be the most gifted Fortnite player, but you don’t need to be the best to have fun. This has always been Los Pollos’ attitude, whether it’s playing basketball in real life (despite his shorter stature) or diving into casino games of luck.

If you’re just skimming, you’ll see Los Pollos playing many classic games like live blackjack and roulette. But that doesn’t give you the full picture of his streams. Louis isn’t just about the classics; he spends a good part of his time on innovative slot formats and crypto arcade games.

When it comes to slots, Sweet Bonanza and Wanted Dead or a Wild are regular picks for Los. Sweet Bonanza, a high variance slot from Pragmatic Play, offers an exciting ride with the potential for big wins and has been a favorite among casino streamers. Wanted Dead or a Wild from Hacksaw Gaming is another favorite, breaking away from the traditional video slot format, which seems to suit LosPollosTV’s taste.

It’s no surprise to see Los Pollos enjoying Plinko either. It’s relatable because we love the crypto arcade game too.

LosPollosTV’s Gambling Style and Strategy

We know where and what he plays, but how does Los Pollos approach his games? Does he place big bets, small bets, or something in between? And does he have a gambling strategy?

From our analysis of his streams, there doesn’t seem to be a clear strategy that Louis follows in his betting. Initially, we noticed he was placing relatively small bets between $15 to $20. However, we also saw him making larger bets of $200 to $250 per spin. Recently, he even placed $1,500 bets on Plinko and scored a $1.5 million win.

While it might be tempting to find some rhyme or reason in LosPollos’ bets, it appears much of it goes according to his gut feeling. This makes perfect sense, as fair casino games are games of luck, and their outcomes are always truly random.

The Controversies of Los Pollos TV

Most stars and celebrities have been involved in some sort of scandal, and Los Pollos is no exception.

Unfortunately, Louis Sammartino has built a reputation for being somewhat unreliable. He’s failed to show up for scheduled streams on multiple occasions, sometimes falling asleep or cutting his streams short. Promises to make up for these lapses have often fallen short, understandably frustrating fans who stayed up just to catch Los Pollos live.

The situation hit a new low when Los claimed his family was moving to Houston, and he would have to sleep in his car. Touched by his plight and the threat of homelessness, donations started pouring in. However, when questioned for more details, there were evident holes in Los’ story. This likely was an attempt to guilt-trip his fans into forgiving his previous shortcomings, but it ended up giving him a reputation for being a scammer.

In 2020, Los Pollos further stirred controversy by calling 1-800-Gamblers after losing $4,000. While $4k is peanuts to a streamer of his stature, trolling and spamming a hotline may have prevented someone from getting the help they truly needed.

Before that, in 2017, Los Pollos caught some heat after raiding fellow streamer Avajaijai’s channel with his fans spamming the chat. This led to LosPollosTV being banned from Twitch, although this was later appealed as Los can’t control what his fans decide to do.

Los Pollos TV on Social Media

You’ve read enough about Louis Sammartino, aka Los Pollos, from us. Now it’s time for you to check out this streamer for yourself. Below, we’ve summarized Los Pollos’ presence across various social media platforms. These platforms not only showcase Louis’ social stats but also give you a sense of his style as a streamer and influencer.

  • LosPollosTV on Kick

  • LosPollosTV on Twitch

  • LosPollos on YouTube

  • LosPollosTV on Twitter

  • LosPollos on Instagram

  • LosPollos on TikTok

LosPollosTV on Kick

Like many casino streamers, LosPollosTV made Kick his new home in Spring 2023, shortly after the platform launched. You’ll find plenty of slots and casino clips here, often mixed with chats and fun interactions. True to Louis’ style, it took him a bit to start streaming regularly on Kick, but he now boasts almost 76,000 followers. That’s quite respectable, we’d say.

LosPollosTV on Twitch

Los hasn’t streamed on Twitch for a couple of months since making Kick his new home. When we checked, the only video on Los Pollos’ Twitch was a 2-hour and 30-minute NBA 2K24 broadcast from back in September, which had gathered over 26,000 views. This shows how much of a powerhouse streamer Louis Sammartino has become since joining Twitch in 2014. Despite his inactivity on Twitch, he still boasts 685,000 followers.

LosPollos on YouTube

YouTube is a popular platform for streamers, and LosPollos has three channels here. The first, LosPollosTV, shows the streamer has invested relatively little energy into YouTube. With only 77 videos uploaded since he joined in 2014 and a follower count of 229k, it’s pretty modest in the influencer world. Many videos are pranks, like hijacking his roommate’s Tinder, and there’s also a bunch of basketball content, both IRL and NBA2K. The last upload was five years ago, so while it’s not the best for staying current, it offers plenty of laughs and is worth a visit on a rainy day.

The second channel, LosPollosTV Live, has 169k subscribers and more than 550 videos. This channel is more active, with videos uploaded roughly on a monthly basis, sometimes even several times a month. The content here mainly consists of highlights from LosPollosTV streams.

The third channel, LosPlug, created in 2019, features a mix of content, including hilarious reaction videos to various stories, pranks, and trolling. This channel also adds to the comedic vibe that LosPollos is known for.

LosPollosTV on Twitter

Los Pollos is highly active on Twitter, boasting 375.3k followers since joining in 2014. This platform is where you truly see Los’s spontaneous reactions and movements. While he frequently tweets to remind his followers about upcoming live streams, you’ll also find plenty of encouraging messages, along with countless rants and raves about basketball and gaming.

LosPollos on Instagram

Over on Instagram, Louis drops the TV part and goes by LosPollosig. Unlike many other streamers and typical IG users, Los isn’t very active here. He might go a couple of months without a single post, but when he does finally share something, thousands of people quickly like his pics and reels.

So, what do Los Pollos’ 110k followers on IG get to see? You’ll find plenty of nice photos of Los hanging out with friends, spending time with his mom, and even some funny photoshopped images where he pokes fun at his own height. There’s also a shot of him with a Honda Civic, sharing with his fans that he’s reached millionaire status.

LosPollos on TikTok

On TikTok, Louis goes by LosPollostt instead of LosPollosTV. True to his style, he’s not super active compared to other streamers, sometimes going months without posting anything new. With less than 20 TikToks, his content ranges from playing around with filters to random antics. Despite the infrequent updates, Los has managed to gather 48k followers and 1.3M likes on TikTok.

LosPollosTV: From NBA2K to Casino Streaming – The Journey of Louis Sammartino

Under the name LosPollosTV, Louis Sammartino has carved out a unique niche for himself. Despite being an avid basketball fan with a shorter stature that led to some mockery, he never let it deter his basketball aspirations. Known for his NBA2K antics and attempts at Fortnite, Los isn’t famous for being the best gamer. Instead, he gained fame for being notably bad at Fortnite. Rather than quitting, Los Pollos embraced the humor in his shortcomings and turned himself into an entertaining figure.

Currently, he’s transitioned his energy and humor to streaming on Kick after his stint on Twitch. He’s also become a regular at Stake Casino, where he’s known for playing slots and Plinko. Despite a past reputation for not always showing up as promised, Los Pollos has been streaming more consistently since the move. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work this time.

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