Roshtein: A Must-Follow Casino Streamer

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If you’re searching for casino streamers to follow, Roshtein should definitely be on your list. With millions of followers on Kick and other social media platforms, he stands out for his entertainment value and high ranking.

Roshtein, the alias of Ishmael Swartz from Sweden, entered the streaming scene in 2016. His name nods to a notorious American gambler from the 1800s. For a quick link to his streams, follow his social media profiles for updates and tips on his latest adventures.

Beneath his long hair and signature hat, his warm personality shines through, making his streams highly engaging. Known for his big bets, he typically starts at 1,000 Euros per spin. His breakthrough came in 2016 with a win of 5,000 Euros, followed by another 900 Euros. Today, he is renowned for his high stakes and substantial wins, cementing his place in the world of casino streaming. If you’re looking to follow an exciting streamer, Roshtein offers plenty of thrilling content, valuable tips, and high-energy entertainment.


Roshtein Profile

Streamer NameRoshtein
Real NameIshmael Swartz
AvatarRohstein Logo
OriginLives in Malta with swedish, german and turkish roots
Year of Birth1988
FollowersKick: 157,000

Twitter/X: 124,800

Telegram: 22,600

Instagram: 132,600

Facebook: 13,000

Discord: 19,000

Reddit: 3,200

VK: 286,000

Twitch: 1,058,000
Favorite CasinoStake Casino
SpecialitiesBig Bet Sizes
Biggest Win$18,750,000 in Wanted – Dead or A Wild
Biggest Multiplierx35,581 in El Paso Gunfight
Net Worth~ $33 million (USD)

Roshtein’s Brief Twitch Ban

On August 17, 2021, he faced a brief ban from Twitch. While the exact reason for his ban remains unclear, it is speculated that he may have violated the platform’s terms, particularly since Twitch had updated its policies regarding gambling links just a week prior. Fortunately for his fans, the ban was short-lived, and he was back online and streaming the next day. For those who follow him, it was a relief to see their favorite streamer return so quickly.

His experience isn’t unique among popular streamers. For instance, gaming streamer Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch multiple times, including incidents for streaming while driving.

Although his ban was temporary, he no longer streams on Twitch. Following Twitch’s policy update in late 2022, which effectively banned gambling streams, he transitioned to Kick. Fans can follow the link to his new platform and continue to receive tips and enjoy his high-energy streams as he continues to entertain his audience.

Roshtein’s Favorite Slot Games

Slots are his battleground of choice, but does he have specific games he prefers? The answer is both yes and no. As a top international streamer, he plays a variety of games, ranging from high variance slots to lower volatility games, catering to his diverse audience. For those who follow his streams, you’ll find links to his favorite games and tips on maximizing wins.

However, he does have some favorites. “Wanted – Dead or a Wild,” the slot game in which he achieved his highest win to date, is one of his go-tos. This game is particularly entertaining to watch due to its high volatility, which, combined with his signature high stakes, creates plenty of roller coaster moments. Other frequently played games include “Le Bandit,” “Power of Merlin Megaways,” and “Drop’em,” all of which are relatively volatile slots capable of delivering substantial wins. Occasionally, he also dives into lower variance games like “Dead or Alive,” which can become quite thrilling when paired with his aggressively large bets.

His ability to switch between different types of slots are tip while maintaining high stakes keeps his streams exciting and engaging for his viewers. His followers appreciate the variety and the high-energy entertainment he provides, always looking forward to the next big win and the tips he shares along the way. If you’re new to his streams, you can follow the link to his channel for real-time updates and valuable tips on casino gaming.

Where to Watch Roshtein’s Streams

To catch one of Roshtein’s streams, your best bet is to tune into After years of streaming on Twitch, Roshtein sought a new platform following Twitch’s so-called casino ban, and he found a new home at Kick. As one of the top streamers there, his channel is frequently recommended.

While Roshtein doesn’t adhere to a strict schedule, you’ll typically find him streaming in the afternoons and evenings, ramping up to intense gameplay around 8 PM. Keep in mind that this is Maltese time, as this casino star is based in Malta.

Where Does Roshtein Play?

So, where does the infamous Roshtein like to play? While he used to hop around various crypto casinos like Roobet, he now plays exclusively at Stake. Stake has become a top destination for many streamers, thanks to its fantastic games and vibrant community.

The community at Stake is a major draw for many players. Unlike traditional online casinos where gaming was mostly a solitary activity, Stake offers in-game chat features and an active forum, creating a lively and engaging environment. Streamers like Roshtein understand the importance of community, and Stake provides the perfect platform for that.

Roshtein’s Bonus Hunts and RoshFails

One of the reasons Roshtein is among the most popular casino streamers, aside from his high-stakes play, is the variety of programs he offers within his Kick streams. The most famous of these is Bonus Hunts, where Roshtein collects free spins from different slots in advance and then plays them all back-to-back during the stream, featuring exciting bonus games.

Any seasoned player knows that slot bonus games are where the big wins happen, thanks to extra multipliers and special features, making Bonus Hunts an adrenaline-packed program. For those who follow Roshtein, links to these streams and tips on how to participate in similar hunts are readily available.

Another fan-favorite program is RoshFails. As the name suggests, this segment highlights some of Roshtein’s significant losses. Despite his impressive wins, he’s only human, and these moments add a touch of humor and relatability, allowing viewers to share in the more tragic (yet laughable) aspects of his gambling journey. If you’re interested in seeing these moments and more, follow Roshtein’s channel for updates, links to his latest streams, and valuable tips on casino gaming.

Roshtein’s Social Media Presence

Roshtein has a strong presence across various social media platforms, each offering a glimpse into his gaming style and personality. Although he skillfully keeps his private life away from the public eye, these platforms provide a good sense of who he is.

  • Roshtein on Twitch

  • Roshtein on Kick

  • Roshtein on Instagram

  • Roshtein on Telegram

  • Roshtein on Twitter

  • Roshtein on Facebook

  • The Roshtein Discord Server

  • Roshtein on Reddit

No matter which platform you choose, you’ll get to see different facets of Roshtein’s persona, making it easy to understand what makes him one of the most engaging casino streamers out there.

Roshtein: From Twitch Sensation to Kick Star

Roshtein, one of the biggest names in casino streaming, initially gained fame on Twitch. His streams were among the most popular on the platform, specializing in online slots, free spins, and bonus games. His channel was a hotspot for viewers wanting to chat and interact with the rockstar streamer and other like-minded fans.

However, due to Twitch’s restrictive gambling policies, Roshtein, along with many other casino streamers, has since moved away from the platform. Now, you can catch his high-energy streams and engaging content on Kick, where he continues to entertain his loyal audience.

Roshtein’s Transition to Kick

Roshtein began streaming on Kick in late 2022, and like everyone else, he had to rebuild his follower base from scratch. However, thanks to his dedicated community, the transition was smooth. Roshtein has quickly amassed 157k followers on Kick.

Streaming almost daily, Roshtein has become one of Kick’s top 10 streamers, joining the ranks of other popular names like Adin Ross and xQc. His consistent presence and engaging content have solidified his position as a leading figure on the platform.

Roshtein on Instagram: A Glimpse Beyond Streaming

On Instagram, Roshtein reveals more of his personal side, focusing on his life outside of streaming. While he keeps details about his family and girlfriends private, his followers are treated to snapshots from his travels and various experiences. Occasionally, he shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of the preparation that goes into his streams. With over 132,000 followers, Instagram stands as one of Roshtein’s most popular channels, offering fans a closer look at the man behind the screen.

Roshtein on Telegram: Stay Updated and Engaged

Roshtein’s presence on Telegram is structured as a channel rather than a group, making it more about keeping followers updated with the latest announcements. It’s the go-to place for information on raffles, contests, giveaways, and of course, reminders before his streams start.

The channel is also quite engaging, featuring plenty of Roshtein gifs and lively interaction from subscribers with each message. While it’s not designed for chatting, it provides a fun and informative way to stay connected with Roshtein’s activities.

Roshtein’s Sporadic Facebook Presence

Roshtein isn’t very active on Facebook, with his posting frequency varying greatly—sometimes posting regularly and other times taking months-long breaks. For celebrities who consider Facebook a primary platform, this might seem unusual.

However, given that Facebook is one of Roshtein’s smaller platforms, with “only” 13,000 followers, it appears he has chosen to focus his energy on platforms where his fan base is larger and more engaged.

Roshtein on Discord: A Thriving Community

Naturally, Roshtein is active on Discord, boasting a community of over 19,000 members. At any given time, you’ll find more than a thousand of his fans hanging out on the platform. Discord is an excellent place to chat with like-minded individuals and interact directly with Roshtein. Beyond the lively discussions, the server is packed with giveaways and raffles, adding to the excitement and engagement.

Understanding Discord: A Versatile Communication Platform

Discord is a versatile communication platform available as both a desktop and mobile app. Imagine it as an enhanced chat room loaded with extra features. Users can set up their own Discord server to create a dedicated space for interaction.

Many streamers, including Roshtein, use Discord to connect with their fans, but it’s open to anyone. The app is free to download and use, though premium upgrades are available for those seeking advanced features, like custom emojis and more.

Roshtein’s Stronger Presence on Discord

Roshtein has been inviting fans to join his Discord for quite some time, but his activity on the platform increased significantly in August 2021. This change came after Twitch tightened its regulations regarding casino links and advertising.

These stricter rules have impacted streamers like Roshtein, who rely on casino streams not only for their passion but also as a source of revenue through advertising. As a result, many streamers, including Roshtein, have shifted more of their activities to Discord.

Key Differences Between Discord and Kick

The main distinction between Discord and Kick is that Discord servers are private channels. This means you’ll need a personal invitation from Roshtein to join his server. Additionally, the Roshtein server is restricted to users aged 18 and older, ensuring that minors are not exposed to gambling content.

Roshtein on Reddit: A Forum for Fans

If you prefer the forum format, Reddit is a solid choice, and there’s a dedicated subreddit for Roshtein. With around 3,200 members, the subreddit is active, with posts appearing almost daily. However, it’s not the liveliest of Roshtein’s communities, as interactions and comments are relatively low compared to his other social media groups.

For real-time interaction and to chat directly with Roshtein or fellow fans, it’s best to catch one of his live streams.

Estimating Roshtein’s Income

Most internet celebrities, including Twitch stars, tend to keep their wealth private. However, given Roshtein’s massive following, many are curious about his earnings. While exact figures are hard to pinpoint, we can make some educated guesses. Much of his income likely stems from partnerships with online casinos.

It’s unclear what specific deals he has, but possibilities include being paid a fee to play at certain casinos, receiving substantial bonuses to use during his streams (with a portion of winnings kept), or working as an affiliate.

Let’s assume he earns $120 per player referred to a casino. With approximately 1.1 million followers, if 25% of them sign up through him, this could amount to around $33 million.

Here’s a breakdown of Roshtein’s estimated income through casino referrals:

Number of FollowersActive Casino Players (25%)Potential Referral FeeEstimated Income
1.1 million275,000$120$33,000,000

This estimate highlights the significant earning potential Roshtein has through his casino streaming endeavors.

Is Roshtein Legit or Fake?

Casino streamers who achieve significant success often face scrutiny about their authenticity, and Roshtein, being one of the biggest names in the scene, is no exception. Numerous discussions and posts question whether he’s genuine or just playing in demo mode, given his surreal bet sizes.

However, we believe it’s unlikely that Roshtein is playing in demo mode. His impressive hits in games like Fruit Party and Book of Shadows, with winnings well over $1 million, and nearly $10 million, plus 16.65 million, and his record win of 18.75 million in Wanted – Dead or A Wild, exceed the limits of what demo mode is programmed to offer. To see for yourself, try playing the demo slots and compare the results. These extraordinary wins suggest that Roshtein’s gameplay is indeed legitimate.

Rumors and Reality: Roshtein’s High Stakes Play

Rumors have circulated that Roshtein’s bets are fake, with wins and losses not actually mattering. Given his serious high roller play, with bet sizes starting at 500 Euros and often reaching into the 1,000 Euro range for several hours, it’s easy to see how these accusations might arise.

However, no one has definitively proven these claims. What is clear is that Roshtein is skilled at what he does, and his Instagram certainly portrays him as living a lavish lifestyle. Despite the rumors, his high-stakes gameplay and online presence suggest that he’s very much the real deal.

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