Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch

Adin Ross

One of the fastest-rising stars in the streaming world is Adin Ross, who soared to fame when his follower count on Twitch reached an impressive milestone of 50,000 subscribers.

Best known for his streams featuring Grand Theft Auto and NBA2K gameplay, Adin Ross has also ventured into the realm of slots and crypto casino games, making him a noteworthy addition to the roster of hot casino streamers to keep an eye on.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


Felix Lengyel, widely recognized by his online aliases xQc or xQcOW, launched his professional gaming career in 2016. He initially garnered attention as a skilled player of OverWatch, a well-known team-based shooter game. However, Felix’s journey in the gaming world began with League of Legends, and he later explored other video games, including the Grand Theft Auto series and various eSports titles.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


Luis Villa, known online as WestCOL, was born on December 23, 2002, in Medellín, Colombia.

Starting his online streaming career in his early teens, Luis has amassed a significant following, expanding his influence far beyond Colombia and becoming a prominent figure in the Latin American streaming community.

Despite his remarkable success, Luis has chosen to remain in his hometown of Medellín, staying true to his roots. While he occasionally showcases his newfound wealth, he continues to exude a down-to-earth charm that endears him to his viewers.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


Trainwreckstv, the brainchild of Tyler Niknam, is quickly making waves in the world of casino streaming. Hailing from Texas but now based in Canada, Tyler brings a blend of humor and charisma to his streams that captivates audiences.

Tyler has been streaming since 2015, but it wasn’t until 2019 that his casino streams gained significant traction. His Twitch channel, Trainwreckstv, is popular for slot streams, although Tyler is also a well-accomplished esports player. Additionally, he hosts the Scuffed podcast, where he discusses a variety of current topics. Trainwreckstv has amassed 1.8 million subscribers on Twitch.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


However, while skill certainly contributes to garnering a devoted audience, it’s impossible to overlook the impact of luck. Often, success hinges not just on talent, but also on connections and the serendipity of timing.

N3on’s rise to fame in the streaming world can largely be attributed to a collaborative session with the well-known streamer Adin Ross.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


If you’re searching for casino streamers to follow, Roshtein should definitely be on your list. With millions of followers on Kick and other social media platforms, he stands out for his entertainment value and high ranking.

Roshtein, the alias of Ishmael Swartz from Sweden, entered the streaming scene in 2016. His name nods to a notorious American gambler from the 1800s. For a quick link to his streams, follow his social media profiles for updates and tips on his latest adventures.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch

Meet Mellstroy

If you’re into extreme internet content, you might have already heard of Mellstroy. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s our job to keep you updated on the latest trends. Today, we’re here to introduce you to Mellstroy, one of the most sensational streamers emerging from Russia.

Known in real life as Andrey Burim, Mellstroy has been pushing the boundaries of internet norms and has quickly amassed a fast-growing fan base, despite being banned from Twitch. Mellstroy is a trash streamer, known for performing outrageous and lewd acts on live stream, usually in exchange for viewer donations.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch

Corinna Kopf

The hot and sassy Corinna Kopf has made a splash in the casino streaming world. Known for making waves for years, she turned to online gambling in March 2022 at Duelbits Casino, and since August 2022, she has been streaming exclusively for Stake Casino.

We’re thrilled to see Corinna bringing her unique charm and personality to break the usually masculine casino scene. This popular streamer began her career as a model on Instagram before quitting school to become a full-time influencer. The move has clearly paid off, as Corinna is now living her best life, doing what she loves and making a substantial income.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


From across the border comes Steve Deleonardis, better known as SteveWillSendIt or SteveWillDoIt. As one of the hottest streamers on Twitch, SteveWillSendIt offers much more than just slots and casino games.

This young American is an all-out entertainer and a key member of Nelk Entertainment, which originated in Ontario. Nelk is essentially a group of wild boys embracing the frat boy lifestyle and performing the craziest stunts imaginable.

Top 10 European Casino Streamers You Need to Watch


LosPollosTV translates to “The Chickens TV” in English, but despite the Spanish name, LosPollos is actually an Italian American streamer and YouTuber named Louis Sammartino.

Louis is best known for his NBA2K and Fortnite streams, although his gaming skills aren’t particularly impressive. In fact, he’s famous for being a terrible player, which is a big part of his entertainment style and why audiences love his streams. LosPollosTV often finds himself offline lospollostv and then back again, ready to entertain his viewers.