ClassyBeef: A Dynamic Team of Casino Streamers

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ClassyBeef is a collective of nine energetic casino streamers: Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Bigg0, Georgi, Lamar, and Rune. Operating out of Malta, where many online casinos are headquartered, this team has quickly made a name for themselves in the streaming world. Having joined Twitch at the beginning of 2019, they are relatively new to the scene.

Despite their recent entry, ClassyBeef has already streamed over 13,500 hours and garnered 18.5 million views in just under three years. Their dedication and hard work have propelled them to become one of the top streamers on the platform.

ClassyBeef specializes in slots, typically placing bets between 50 and 500 Euros. While not the highest in the casino streaming community, these stakes are substantial enough to secure some significant wins. The team frequently engages in “Beef Battles,” competing against each other for added excitement. As a group, ClassyBeef is incredibly active, constantly streaming and chatting, and often sharing information on new casino promotions for their audience to explore.


ClassyBeef Profile

Streamer Profile
Streamer NameClassyBeef
Real NameEspen, Joe, Nando, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Rune & Lamar
AvatarClassyBeef streamer avatar
Year of BirthUnknown
SpecialitiesBeef Battles
Biggest Win€1,476,600.00 in Chaos Crew
Biggest Multiplier7,383x in Chaos Crew

ClassyBeef’s Specialty: High Variance Video Slots

Video slots are ClassyBeef’s forte, with high variance games like Dog House and Money Train being particularly popular among the streamers. These slots are thrilling to watch due to their dramatic ups and downs, often resulting in substantial wins. Fruit Party, known for its numerous multipliers, is another favorite, delivering exciting gameplay and impressive hits. The team has also enjoyed remarkable successes with 300 Shields.

While ClassyBeef occasionally challenges the hot croupiers in live roulette, their primary focus remains on video slots, which consistently capture the audience’s attention and deliver captivating entertainment.

ClassyBeef: Twitch and Beyond

ClassyBeef’s main hub is Twitch, where their active and consistent streaming schedule has grown alongside their team, now consisting of nine casino streamers. Streaming every day from 10am to 2am Malta time, ClassyBeef ensures ample viewing opportunities for their audience. For Canadian viewers, the time difference is minimal, allowing easy access to their streams whether during the day or late at night.

If you miss their live streams, you can always catch up on their numerous videos available on YouTube. Additionally, ClassyBeef has their own website,, which features a forum and a merch store among other things.

Top Casinos Frequented by ClassyBeef: Where to Play

Coming from Malta, where many European online casinos are based, it should come as no surprise that ClassyBeef plays at lots of casinos. These guys know what they are doing and are always on top of the latest offers from gaming sites. Sometimes they also partner up with casinos looking for additional exposure.

Some of the better casinos Classy Beef plays at include Stake Casino, PartyCasino, Wildz and Lucky Days. If you want to play at some ClassyBeef’s regular haunts, then these are the ones with strong reputation among players and would be the casinos we would recommend.

ClassyBeef’s Popular Beef Battles on Twitch

One of the most popular programs on ClassyBeef’s Twitch channel is the Beef Battles. In these battles, the team members compete against each other in a slot game. It’s a one-on-one contest, with another person from the ClassyBeef team acting as the referee. They typically select games where you can purchase free spins, and the winner is determined by who wins the most money from the spins.

Other regular challenges include competitions for the biggest win or who hits a bonus game first.

ClassyBeef’s Growing Team of Streamers

ClassyBeef initially started with just Joe and Espen, but the team quickly began to expand. Kevin joined them early on, followed by Nando and Marko. In October 2020, ClassyBeef grew from four to five members with the addition of Jonte and Lamar, who filled the spot left by Marko. Recently, in November 2020, two more streamers, Bigg0 and Georgi, joined the ClassyBeef crew. Now, the team boasts a total of eight casino streamers.

ClassyBeef’s Social Media Presence

To become a popular streamer, having a strong presence on social media is essential. ClassyBeef is active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, in addition to their primary platform, Twitch. Despite their online visibility, the members are quite private about their personal lives, preferring to keep their professional streaming activities separate from their private affairs.

ClassyBeef’s Streaming Action on Twitch

Twitch is where all the streaming action happens, and ClassyBeef has amassed over 200,000 followers on the platform. Their audience continues to grow rapidly, thanks to their engaging, long, and regular slot streams that are always packed with action.

ClassyBeef on YouTube: Stream Highlights and More

Like any successful streamer, ClassyBeef also posts recordings of their live streams on YouTube. If you’re curious, you can find behind-the-scenes clips among their videos. They have playlists for Beef Battles, as well as for Raffles and Competitions. The ClassyBeef channel now boasts over 24,000 subscribers.

ClassyBeef’s Private Side: Professionalism and Privacy

Treating their casino streaming as a profession, the men behind ClassyBeef are adept at keeping their private lives off social media. Occasionally, you might see the guys having a beer, but it doesn’t usually get more personal than that. Their Instagram account has around 72,000 followers and primarily features behind-the-scenes shots and gambling-related content.

ClassyBeef on Twitter: Growing Presence

Twitter is still a relatively new and small platform for ClassyBeef, with around 5,300 followers. The ClassyBeef Twitter account has been largely managed by Kevin, one of the first streamers on the team who has since moved behind the camera.

ClassyBeef’s Journey to Success

While their very first stream in 2019 only drew in a paltry 11 live viewers, Joe and Espen did not let that discourage them and were soon joined by more talented streamers. These men had a vision and they kept working on it.

The fact that they’re in Malta, where many online casinos are located, doesn’t hurt since they are perfectly tuned in to the latest developments in the industry. Today, ClassyBeef is one of the top slot streamers and are making a living with their passion for the game.

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