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Mohammad Assad, known online as m0e_tv, is a prominent casino streamer with a diverse background. Residing in California, US, m0e_tv has built a massive following across multiple platforms, captivating audiences with his dynamic streams and engaging personality. A retired CS athlete, m0e_tv is also known for his rage streams and investments in crypto and real estate. Join his growing community to witness his entertaining streams and expert insights into the gaming and investment worlds.


m0e_tv Profile

Streamer namem0e_tv
Real nameMohammad Assad
Avatarm0e_tv Kick Avatar
ResidenceCalifornia, US
Place of BirthUS
Birthday7 September 1986
Followers 902,000 (Twitch)
6,400 (Kick.com)
4,780,000 (YouTube)
223,500 (Twitter)
10,500 (Instagram)
2,400 (TikTok)
Favourite CasinoStake Casino
Specialtiesretired CS:GO athlete; rage streams, crypto and real estate investor
Net worth$5 million USD

The Rise of m0e_tv

A highly accomplished CS athlete, Mohammad Assad, known as m0e_tv, is a name familiar to anyone who has been following the gaming and streaming scene for the past decade. Moe, a Palestinian American, began streaming his Counter-Strike sessions in 2012, back when Twitch was known as justin.tv. Over the years, his skills and energetic personality have garnered him a massive following, with over 900,000 subscribers on Twitch alone. For those interested in an in-depth review of his streams, you can click on his updated page to get a comprehensive look at his journey and achievements in the gaming world.

From CS Pro to Casino Streamer

Moe is not just an elite athlete but also known for his rage-filled streams, which are loaded with more cussing than the beeping can handle. Today, Moe has transitioned from being a full-time e-sport athlete to a coach, a proud father and husband, and a casino streamer. His signature humor and energetic personality have won him fans in the casino streaming community as well.

Career Highlights

Born on September 7, 1986, Moe began his gaming career early, playing Counter-Strike since 2002 and participating in tournaments by 2004. He became recognized as a professional CS player in 2005 and started streaming on justin.tv in 2012. In 2016, Moe joined Echo Fox as a key athlete before moving into a managerial role the same year. By 2018, he was coaching at the Old Guys Club, nurturing new talent.

Diverse Ventures

Beyond gaming, Moe has explored various fields, including CS skins trading, crypto mining, house flipping, and even founding a company called PureTrak, which manufactures gaming gear. Married to Dalia and a father of two, Moe often shares his family moments on Instagram. He has also invested in real estate and continues to expand his portfolio.

Streaming Platforms

Moe streams on both Twitch and Kick, the two most popular streaming platforms. While he is more active on Twitch due to his long history there, Kick has become a new venue for his casino streams, especially given Twitch’s stricter policies on gambling content.

Moe’s Gambling Streams

Moe’s casino streams are often integrated with his other gaming content. He streams almost daily, usually in the evenings (West Coast time), with casino streams lasting 1 to 2 hours. He is known for his high volatility slot games like Gates of Olympus and Big Bass Bonanza, as well as live games like Plinko and Blackjack.

Preferred Casinos

Moe has a preference for crypto casinos, frequently playing at Stake Casino, BC.Game, and Roobet. He is also known for dropping bonus codes for these sites, adding an extra layer of excitement for his followers.

Social Media Presence

m0e_tv on Twitch

Moe has been on Twitch since its inception, accumulating over 900,000 followers. His streams, which can gather between 20k to 50k views, often feature a mix of gaming and casino content.

m0e_tv on Kick

Moe joined Kick in early 2023 and has since built a following of over 6,400 fans. While his view counts are lower compared to Twitch, his presence on Kick is steadily growing, especially for casino content.

m0e_tv on YouTube

On YouTube, Moe has 4.78 million subscribers and over 1,300 videos. His content ranges from CS and e-sports to crypto and investment tips. Moe also has a dedicated slots channel with 21.7k subscribers, highlighting his casino exploits.

m0e_tv on Twitter

Moe’s Twitter account, active since 2013, has 223,500 followers. His tweets cover both his professional gaming life and personal moments, including his real estate ventures.

m0e_tv on Instagram

With 10,500 followers, Moe’s Instagram is a mix of gaming highlights and family photos. He often shares snippets of his gaming sessions and personal life, showcasing his dual identity as a gamer and a family man.

m0e_tv on TikTok

Moe’s TikTok, under the handle m0e_ttv, has 2,400 followers. His content primarily focuses on gaming highlights, providing short, engaging clips for his fans.

Net Worth and Investments

Moe’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million, with revenues from his gaming career, streaming, investments in CS skins, cryptocurrency, and real estate. He is known for his strategic investments and entrepreneurial ventures, which contribute significantly to his wealth.

Moe’s Journey in Casino Streaming

Moe’s journey into the world of casino streaming has been marked by his energetic personality and love for high-stakes games. His streams are known for their unpredictability and excitement, often featuring significant wins and losses that keep his audience on the edge of their seats. Moe’s approach to streaming blends his extensive gaming experience with his natural flair for entertainment, making each session a unique experience.

Highlights from Moe’s Casino Streams

Big Wins and High Stakes

Moe is known for his high-stakes gambling sessions, particularly on slot games like Gates of Olympus and Big Bass Bonanza. One of his notable wins includes a max win of over $32,000 on a $20 bet while playing Gates of Olympus. These moments are often shared as highlights on his YouTube channel, allowing fans to relive the excitement.

Variety in Gaming

While slots are a major part of Moe’s casino streams, he also enjoys a variety of live casino games. From classic blackjack to the unpredictable Plinko, Moe’s streams showcase a wide range of casino games, ensuring there’s something for every viewer. His ability to switch between different types of games keeps his content fresh and engaging.

Moe’s Impact on the Streaming Community

Moe has made a significant impact on the streaming community, both as a professional gamer and a casino streamer. His unique blend of gaming content, investment insights, and personal life updates has created a strong, loyal following. Moe’s influence extends beyond just his gameplay; his advice on crypto investments and real estate also resonates with his audience.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Moe plans to continue expanding his presence in the streaming and investment worlds. He aims to reach new milestones, engage with a broader audience, and explore new gaming opportunities. Moe’s commitment to continuous improvement and his passion for gaming ensure that he will remain a prominent figure in the streaming community for years to come.

Final Thoughts on Mohammad Moe Assad

Mohammad Moe Assad, or m0e_tv, continues to be a significant presence in the gaming and streaming world. His journey from a professional CS athlete to a popular casino streamer showcases his adaptability and passion for gaming. Whether he is raging in a CS match or hitting big on a slot game, Moe’s streams are always filled with excitement and energy. As he continues to expand his ventures, Moe remains a beloved and influential figure in the online community.

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