Nelk Boys: The Rising Stars of Casino Streaming

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If you’re a fan of pranks and frat boy antics, you’ve probably heard of the Nelk Boys. Known simply as NELK, this group has been captivating audiences for over a decade with their fun-loving, curse-filled style that appeals primarily to a younger, male demographic.

Nelk Boys

Nelk Boys Profile

Streamer NameNelk Boys (nelkboys on Twitch)
Real NameVaried members including founders Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani
AvatarNelk Avatar
NationalityCanadian and American
Place of ResidenceCanada and the US
Followers Twitch: 349,000
Twitter: 538,300
YouTube: 7,390,000
Instagram: 4,400,000
TikTok: 4,100,000
Snapchat: 2,210,000
Favourite CasinoStake
Claim to FameExtremely popular YouTubers, known for their pranks and lifestyle videos and vlog posts. Recently they have also been expanding to become serious casino streamers.
Character TraitsControversial, abrasive, colourful, humorous, and engaging
Net WorthEstimated at well over 100 million USD

The Journey of the Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys began their rise to fame in 2010 with their YouTube channel, which featured pranks, hard partying, and colorful commentary. Over the years, the group has seen some changes in its lineup, but founders Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani have remained constant. Another prominent member is Steve Deleonardis, aka SteveWillDoIt, who has found success both with the group and as an individual.

Expanding Horizons: From Pranks to Casino Streaming

In addition to their prank videos, the Nelk Boys have expanded their brand under Full Send Entertainment, which includes merchandise and a successful podcast. Recently, they’ve ventured into casino streaming, partnering with Stake Casino. This move has introduced their followers to a new form of entertainment, combining their trademark style with high-stakes gambling.

Key Members of the Nelk Boys

The group’s dynamic roster includes:

  • Kyle Forgeard

  • Jesse Sebastiani

  • Steve Deleonardis (SteveWillDoIt)

  • John Shahidi

  • Sam Shahidi

  • Austin “Ausgod” Ermes

  • Jordan “Cousin Jay” Nwanne

  • Drew Hill

  • Gabriel Poncio

  • Arthur “Jimmy Gambles” Kulik

  • Bob Menery

  • Dana White

  • Tyler Chaffee

  • Bradley Martyn

  • Neel Alwani

Successful Ventures and Controversies

The Nelk Boys have built a successful brand with merchandise under Full Send, a podcast featuring high-profile guests like Donald Trump, and a hard seltzer brand called Happy Dad. Despite their success, they’ve faced numerous controversies, including arrests and public criticism, which have only added to their notoriety.

In January 2015, they went viral with their “Coke Prank On Cops” video, where they told police officers they had “coke” in their car, leading the police to believe it was drugs rather than soda. This prank earned them a warning from the LAPD but also gained them significant attention. In January 2019, Jesse Sebastiani was arrested for a prank in a Barnes & Noble store, where he walked in covered in fake blood, asking for books on covering up a crime scene.

In May 2020, several members were arrested at a Target store for disturbing the peace during a prank. Later that year, in September, they hosted large gatherings in violation of COVID-19 regulations, resulting in their YouTube account being demonetized and official reprimands from the Mayor of Normal, Illinois, and the Governor of New Jersey.

Nelk Boys’ Awards and Recognitions

While the Nelk Boys have rarely been nominated for awards, they did win a YouTube Streamy Award in 2021 for their Creator Product, Happy Dad Hard Seltzer. Despite the lack of formal recognition, their millions of followers and billions of views are testament to their success.

Nelk Boys and Stake Casino

The Nelk Boys’ partnership with Stake Casino has introduced a new audience to online gambling. Their streams often feature popular games like:

  • Sweet Bonanza

  • Gates of Olympus

  • Plinko

  • The Dog House Megaways

  • Big Bass Bonanza

They bring a unique, group dynamic to their casino streams, adding an interactive element that sets them apart from other streamers. Their high roller bets and frequent promotions, such as giving away $1,000 per stream to a lucky viewer, make their sessions exciting and rewarding for their audience.

Where and When to Watch the Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys primarily stream on their Twitch channel, nelkboys, typically during evening hours in North America. They often cross-promote their streams on Twitter and Instagram, ensuring their followers never miss a session. Although they do not always publish their schedule in advance on Twitch, they frequently update their fans on other social media platforms.

Social Media Presence

The Nelk Boys have a strong social media presence across multiple platforms:

  • YouTube: 7.39 million subscribers

  • Instagram: 4.4 million followers

  • Twitch: 349,000 followers

  • Twitter: 538,300 followers

  • TikTok: 4.1 million followers

  • Snapchat: 2.21 million followers

Nelk Boys on YouTube

YouTube is where the Nelk Boys first gained fame, and it remains their most popular platform. Their main channel, NELK, features a wide variety of prank videos, guest appearances, and entertaining content. They also run the FULL SEND PODCAST channel, the FULL SEND GOLF channel, and individual channels like SteveWillDoIt.

Nelk Boys on Instagram

With 4.4 million followers, the Nelk Boys’ Instagram provides a more personal look into their lives. They post a mix of professional shots, clips from their videos, and promotional content for their various ventures.

Nelk Boys on Twitch

The Nelk Boys’ Twitch channel, with 349,000 followers, is where they focus on their casino streaming. They offer high-stakes gambling sessions and interactive streams that keep their audience engaged. They also frequently give away prizes to their viewers, adding an extra incentive to tune in.

Nelk Boys on Twitter

The Nelk Boys’ Twitter account, with 538,300 followers, offers updates on their latest activities, promotions, and personal thoughts. They share a variety of content, from promoting their podcast to snippets of their everyday lives.

Nelk Boys on TikTok

Their TikTok account, NELKBOYS, has 4.1 million followers and features top snippets from their various gigs. The platform echoes the best of what they have to offer in terms of entertainment value, providing a mix of their prank videos, lifestyle content, and more.

Nelk Boys on Snapchat

Despite Snapchat’s decline in popularity, the Nelk Boys maintain an active presence on the platform, with over 2.2 million followers. They regularly update their feed with new stories, providing another way for fans to stay connected.

Nelk Boys’ Net Worth and Income Sources

One of the most common questions about any celebrity is their net worth. For the Nelk Boys, it’s estimated to be well over $100 million USD. Their income comes from various streams, including their YouTube channel, Twitch streams, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and their beverage brand, Happy Dad.

What Do the Nelk Boys Earn at Stake?

The exact terms of the Nelk Boys’ partnership with Stake Casino are not public, but it’s clear that they benefit financially from promoting the platform. They likely receive compensation through a combination of monthly fees and referral bonuses, making their casino streaming sessions both entertaining and lucrative.


Overall, the Nelk Boys are an entertaining group that has successfully transitioned from YouTube pranksters to influential casino streamers. Their partnership with Stake Casino has added a new dimension to their brand, attracting a diverse audience with their high-energy, entertaining streams. Despite controversies, their charisma and drive have kept them at the forefront of online entertainment. Whether you’re into pranks, lifestyle content, or casino gaming, the Nelk Boys offer something for everyone. Follow them on their various social media channels to stay updated on their latest streams and adventures.

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