Sam Pepper: From YouTube Pranks to Casino Streams

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Sam Pepper is probably no stranger if you’re into prank videos on YouTube. A famed YouTuber and internet celebrity, Sam first gained attention as a participant in the UK reality TV show Big Brother, before making a splash with videos that range from weird to comedic to outrageous.

He’s one of those people that you either love or hate, and is also known for some controversies, namely a sexual assault allegation in 2014. However, he has since apologized and in recent years has focused on creating both wholesome and entertaining videos for his fans on TikTok.

As you might have guessed, Sam Pepper is covered here on Casino.Guide because he’s taken to casino games. More precisely, he’s been doing casino streams, bringing along his signature slightly understated humor.

And while we’ll definitely pay some attention to his gambling style, we’re also happy to give you the complete lowdown on Sam Pepper here. This way, you’ll know everything you could possibly want about him.

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper Profile

Streamer NameSam
Real NameSamuel Pepper
AvatarSam Avatar
CountryUSA, Los Angeles
Year of Birth1989
Followers (Twitter)728,500
Followers (YouTube)2,220,000
Followers (,500
Followers (Instagram)622,000
Followers (Discord)4,750
Followers (TikTok)4,600,000
Followers (Snapchat)425,000
Favourite CasinoStake Casino
SpecialtiesTravel vlogs, IRL daily streams
Net Worth~3 Million USD

Who is Sam Pepper?

Sam Pepper is a well-known internet celebrity, famous for his prank videos on YouTube and his participation in the UK reality TV show Big Brother. Born in Ashford, Kent, England, in March 1989, Sam is half Greek and studied at the Pent Valley Technology College. He worked at a zoo and is a vegetarian.

His journey to fame began in 2010 when he joined Big Brother as a housemate but was evicted on day 73. Following this, in September 2010, he started uploading prank videos on his YouTube channel. Despite taking some breaks, his unique and often controversial content quickly gained popularity. Sam is known for outrageous travel vlogs, such as his “looking for lady boys in Thailand” series.

While some of his pranks, like the “Fake Hand Ass Pinch,” have sparked controversy and garnered criticism, he remains a prominent figure with 2.24 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.6 million followers on TikTok. Now, Sam Pepper has also ventured into casino streams, adding another facet to his online persona.

Sam Pepper’s Venture into Casino Streaming

When it comes to streaming, Sam Pepper is one of the most prolific content creators, consistently delivering for his fans. Known for his IRL streams, Sam has recently added casino streaming to his repertoire, bringing his unique humor to Stake Casino in 2023.

Stake has been attracting high-profile streamers like Sam to their platform. While the specifics of his deal with Stake are unknown, it’s clear that Sam has been actively engaging with slots and crypto games on the site. His casino streams have become a new favorite for his audience, combining his signature humor with the thrill of gambling.

Here is the table based on the provided information:

BonusRatingFounded inOnline sinceLicenceSoftware
$500Excellent20172017Curacao GamingPragmatic Play, Nolimit City, PlayNGo, NetEnt, Gameart, Evolution Gaming, Red Tiger, Thunderkick, Push Gaming, Quickspin, Playson, Elk Studios, Playtech, Hacksaw Gaming, Booming Games, iSoftBet, Relax Gaming, Wazdan, Blueprint Gaming, BigTimeGaming, Gamomat

Where to Watch Sam Pepper Streams

You have options when it comes to watching Sam Pepper’s streams. With YouTube as his mainstay, you can definitely find many of his IRL streams on his YouTube channel, “Sam.” Lately, these have included his travels through Asia, such as South Korea and Thailand, where he’s often up to no good.

If you’re specifically interested in his casino streams, we suggest you pop over to Kick. For now, Kick seems to be the only place where you can find Sam Pepper gambling. We’re guessing that it’s probably because Kick and casino content are easier to manage than YouTube’s more conservative policies concerning 18+ content.

What’s great is that Sam also has his regular IRL streams on Kick, so you won’t miss out on his other content. And just in case you’re wondering, don’t even bother checking on Twitch. Sam has been banned from Twitch due to violating community guidelines.

In terms of when Sam Pepper is live, the good news is that he live streams almost every day. However, the exact hour can be variable. That’s partly because he’s been traveling all over the world recently, and with different time zones, things aren’t always fixed. Plus, when you’re living your best life, many things happen spontaneously.

Sam Pepper’s Game Preferences on Kick

If you’re watching Pepper’s streams on Kick, you’ll definitely notice that he is always trying out new games. He seems to have a preference for less traditional slots, such as Drop ‘Em from Hacksaw Gaming, a 5 reel, 6 row, 7,776 ways to win game.

Or Sweet Alchemy from Play ‘n Go, which is on a square grid that opens up to a 9×9, and Super Mega Monster, which is on a 7×7 grid. With these more innovative slots on the playlist, it’s also logical that you’ll find Sam Pepper laying down bets in crypto arcade games like Plinko or live games such as Vegas Ball Bonanza.

And while Pepper certainly seems to like to break away from traditional formats, you can almost always find him playing live blackjack in his streams.

Sam Pepper’s Social Media Presence

There have certainly been some ups and downs with all the controversies, but Sam is alive and well on social media. TikTok and YouTube remain his most popular platforms, where he has a massive following. However, he’s always posting on other platforms like Instagram as well. We’ve put together a quick summary of all the platforms on which Sam Pepper is active for you below:

  • SamPepper on TikTok

  • Sam Pepper on YouTube

  • Sam Pepper on Kick

  • SamPepper on Twitter

  • SamPepper on Instagram

Sam Pepper on TikTok

TikTok has been a key platform for Sam Pepper’s comeback, and he continues to roll out videos daily. Many of his TikToks are IRL short videos, featuring his travels in Thailand, Korea, and India, and the crazy adventures he gets up to.

His TikToks are extremely popular, typically garnering hundreds of thousands of views, with some reaching up to 20 million. He has amassed an impressive 121 million likes and 4.6 million followers on TikTok. If you’re looking for his content, you can find him under the handle sampepper.

Sam Pepper on YouTube

YouTube is another major platform for Sam Pepper, boasting 2.4 million subscribers and over 210 million views. His vanity channel, @sam, has been active since 2010. Although he set all his previous videos to private in 2016 following significant controversies, causing a notable loss in subscribers, he has rebounded impressively.

As of July 2023, Sam has 335 videos on YouTube, each garnering thousands of views. His content includes classic videos, live streams, and YouTube Shorts, continuing to engage his audience with diverse and entertaining content.

Sam Pepper on Kick

Similar to his YouTube presence, Sam Pepper’s channel on Kick is simply named Sam. Since the summer, he has been streaming almost daily, which has steadily grown his follower count to 31,000. This consistency has made him one of the most watched streamers on Kick.

However, there has been some controversy, primarily of a technical nature. In July 2023, Ed Craven noticed that Sam Pepper’s channel was receiving an unusually high number of views, around 160,000, leading to suspicions of viewbotting. While this wasn’t a direct accusation against Sam, it was a concern that viewbotting might be used to create controversy, similar to incidents on Twitch. In response, Kick has since implemented view count protections to ensure the accuracy of viewership numbers.

Sam Pepper on Twitter (or X)

On Twitter, now known as X, Sam Pepper has amassed over 726,000 followers. He tweets frequently, with many posts featuring short clips that direct followers to his Kick channel. Occasionally, Sam retweets or shares other bits of information. While there aren’t many long conversations on this platform, it remains a useful way to keep up with his latest updates.

Sam Pepper on Instagram

Instagram is one of Sam Pepper’s smaller platforms, with around 619,000 followers. Despite the relatively smaller audience, Sam remains active here, regularly posting reels that garner thousands of views. The content is similar to his TikTok shorts, featuring his adventures and sometimes showcasing his car collection, including a Porsche and a Ferrari. If Instagram is your preferred platform, this is a convenient way to keep up with Sam’s latest posts.

Sam Pepper’s Thoughtful Approach to Betting Strategies

When it comes to gambling strategies, it’s clear that Sam doesn’t follow a specific one. However, we’ve noticed that he tends to make relatively conservative bets when playing volatile slots, often sticking to $1 bet sizes. This approach is quite different from other streamers who might wager as much as $100 per spin.

On the other hand, when Sam plays games like Blackjack or certain live games with a lower house edge, he increases his bet size. Typically, he places bets around $120 in Blackjack. This suggests that he carefully plans his budget according to his risk level, as one should when gambling responsibly.

Sam Pepper’s Controversial Fake Hand Prank and Allegations

Sam Pepper has had his fair share of controversies. During his rise as a prankster on YouTube, he published the “Fake Hand Ass Pinch” video in September 2014. In this video, he used a fake hand to pinch women’s bums after asking them for directions. The women involved claimed Pepper had sexually harassed them, sparking outrage on Twitter with others accusing him of sexual harassment. This incident worsened when vloggers Marina Joyce and DottieJames alleged that he had sexually assaulted them in 2013 and 2012, respectively.

Pepper initially responded by creating another “Fake Hand Ass Pinch” video featuring men only, claiming the entire situation was a staged social experiment. However, many were not convinced. Ultimately, Sam Pepper removed both videos from YouTube.

The Killing Best Friend Prank and Its Fallout

In 2015, Sam Pepper published the “Killing Best Friend” prank on YouTube, where he pretended to kidnap his friends Sam Goldbach and Colby Brock. In the video, Pepper forces Brock to watch him execute Goldbach. Although everyone involved knew it was a prank, the staged brutality caused a massive uproar, even reaching mainstream media.

In response, Sam launched a GoFundMe campaign, pledging $1.5 million to remove his YouTube channel. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go over well, and he quickly canceled the campaign. Following these major controversies, Sam Pepper issued a public apology video in 2016 and then went silent on the internet for a few years.

Sam Pepper’s Comeback and New Ventures

After a few quiet years, Sam Pepper began his comeback in 2018. Shifting from prank videos to vlogs and TikTok content, he focused on creating more wholesome material while maintaining his entertaining style through challenges, stunts, and life hack videos.

However, as with many internet celebrities, controversies followed him. In 2021, Sam was accused of being involved in a pump-and-dump scheme with the Save the Kids cryptocurrency project, a claim he denies.

Sam Pepper’s Estimated Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, estimates of Sam Pepper’s net worth range from $1.1 million to $5 million. Considering that TikTok pays at least $20 a month for every 1,000 followers, Sam’s 4.6 million followers alone could earn him around $9k a month, likely even more.

Additionally, his substantial YouTube channel and recent streams on Kick, which pays significantly better than Twitch, further contribute to his income. With sponsorships added into the mix, it’s easy to see how Sam Pepper can afford luxury cars like a Porsche and a Ferrari.

Sam Pepper’s Family and Personal Life

Little is known about Sam Pepper’s family other than the fact that he is half Greek and has a sister and a brother. Recently, Sam has been dating Hannah Rideway, an influencer who has appeared in his videos numerous times. The couple frequently posts pictures together on social media. Prior to Hannah, Sam dated Cat Rose and Bella Thorne.

Sam Pepper’s Evolution: From Controversial Pranks to Casino Streaming

As an internet celebrity, Sam Pepper has had his share of ups and downs, mainly due to some poorly conceived videos that crossed the line for many viewers. However, it appears that he’s learned from his past mistakes. In recent years, he has been consistently producing entertaining videos, including impressive travel vlogs, all infused with his signature wicked humor.

Recently, Sam Pepper has turned Stake Casino into his playground on his live streams. With his understated British style, Pepper takes full advantage of Stake’s extensive game portfolio, trying a bit of everything while placing relatively modest bets. All in all, he’s a valuable addition to the casino streaming scene and definitely worth watching.

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