Taour: Casino Streamer Extraordinaire

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Meet Taour, one of the most renowned casino streamers in the world. With his charismatic personality and captivating game streams, Taour has won the hearts of thousands of fans globally. On his channel, you’ll find a variety of gaming sessions, tips and strategies for winning, as well as exclusive giveaways and contests. Subscribe to not miss the most thrilling moments in the world of online casinos.


Taour Profile

Streamer nameTaour
Real nameNoamane Boukhari
AvatarTaourrr1030 avatar
Year of birth1997
Favourite CasinoStake Casino
SpecialtiesTable games, League of Legends
Biggest Win€50,727.60 at The Dog House Megaways
Biggest Multiplierx1920 at Fruit Party

The Rise of Taour

Taour, formerly known as Taourrr10300, has become a prominent figure in the French streaming scene. Born in Belgium with Moroccan roots and now residing in Malta, Noamane Boukhari (aka Taour) is a dedicated gamer who loves both casino games and e-sports. Known for his quiet and low-key demeanor, Taour enjoys his games, whether they are casino classics or competitive e-sports.

Gaming Specialties and Milestones

On Twitch, Taour describes himself as an independent French streamer. In addition to his casino streams, he is well-known for his e-sports and League of Legends streams. His modest goals, such as surpassing 100k followers on Twitch, are frequently updated, and he has already exceeded 135k followers.

Taour’s Favorite Casino Games

In his casino streams, Taour showcases a variety of games. While he spins slots, he has a particular affinity for table games like live blackjack and poker tournaments. One of his favorite games is Crazy Time, a thrilling game show from Evolution Gaming. He also enjoys high variance slots like Perfect Gems from Play ‘n Go, known for its massive win potential of up to 5,000x the bet.

E-Sports Expertise

Outside of casino gaming, Taour is a well-known figure in the e-sports community. He has a strong presence in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Fortnite. His e-sports career began in 2014, and he has been a top player for the RSC Anderlecht Esports team. Despite focusing more on casino streams recently, his roots in e-sports remain significant.

Streaming Schedule and Platforms

Taour streams regularly on Twitch, usually on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm, with a second stream on Mondays at midnight. His “Just Chatting” sessions at 7pm are followed by a Bonus Hunt towards midnight. All times are in European time zones, which translates to the Canadian afternoon and early evening. For those who can’t catch him live, Taour uploads many recordings of his streams to YouTube, where he also posts Fortnite and League of Legends videos.

Selective Casino Choices

Compared to other casino streamers, Taour is selective about where he plays. He used to frequent BitcoinCasino.io but recently switched to Stake Casino, a popular choice among top casino streamers.

Unique Qualities of Taour

In addition to his prowess at table games, Taour was a top e-athlete, particularly as a jungler in League of Legends. His diverse background, with Moroccan parents and a move from Belgium to Malta, adds to his unique profile. Taour’s name means “develop,” reflecting his continuous drive for self-improvement.

Taour on Social Media

Taour maintains a strong presence across various social media platforms, where he shares his interests in casino gaming and e-sports:

Taour on Twitch

On Twitch, Taour streams to a primarily French-speaking audience and has over 135k followers. After a Twitch ban affecting many casino streamers, he simplified his name from Taourrr1030 to Taour. His streams often include a mix of casino games, especially table games like blackjack and poker, which highlight his strategic skills and gaming prowess.

Taour on YouTube

Taour’s YouTube channel features a diverse collection of videos, including casino streams, Fortnite gameplay, and League of Legends trolling. Managed by his younger brother, the channel has over 12.5k subscribers. The content on his YouTube channel provides fans with highlights of his best gaming moments, tutorials, and even some behind-the-scenes looks at his streaming setup.

Taour on Twitter

Active since 2015, Taour’s Twitter account (formerly Taourrr1030) has over 40,000 followers. He tweets highlights from his Twitch streams, including notable wins and bets. His Twitter feed is a great way for fans to stay updated on his streaming schedule, new content uploads, and his thoughts on the latest gaming trends. He also engages with his followers, responding to their questions and comments.

Taour on Instagram

On Instagram, Taour shares a mix of personal and professional content with his 2.4 million followers. His posts range from snapshots of his daily life, gaming highlights, and interactions with fans and other streamers. Instagram allows fans to get a closer look at Taour’s life beyond the screen, providing a more personal connection with the streamer.

Taour on TikTok

TikTok is where Taour shares short, viral videos that highlight some of his most memorable pranks and casino wins. With 288,600 followers, his TikTok content often includes epic gambling moments, such as significant wins and losses, all delivered with the same humor and energy that define Nelk’s brand. The platform’s format is perfect for quick, engaging content that can easily go viral.

Taour on Discord

Taour is active on the FullSend NFT Server on Discord, where fans can interact and share laughs. This community hub allows for direct engagement with Nelk’s most dedicated followers. The server is especially popular due to the FullSend Metacard NFT collection, which provides access to exclusive perks. With tens of thousands of members online regularly, the Discord server is a bustling community where fans can discuss pranks, share memes, and participate in events.

Special Highlights and Achievements

Taour’s streams are not just about gaming; they are about the community and the experiences shared with his audience. His biggest win of €50,727.60 at The Dog House Megaways and the highest multiplier of x1920 at Fruit Party are significant milestones that highlight his skills and luck in the casino streaming world. These achievements are celebrated with his fans, making each stream a thrilling experience.

Taour’s Future Plans

Looking ahead, Taour plans to continue expanding his presence in both the casino streaming and e-sports worlds. He aims to reach new milestones, engage with a broader audience, and explore new gaming opportunities. His commitment to continuous improvement and his passion for gaming ensure that Taour will remain a prominent figure in the streaming community for years to come.

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